Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I Want Oodles & Oodles of Soodles

As a person who grew up on things like donuts, cinnamon rolls, graham crackers and cake, I sometimes miss those childhood treats. I mean, yes, over the years I have managed to seek out great allergy-friendly products that closely mimic them and I have even impressed myself with some pretty darn good recipes. But from one allergy mom to another- sometimes, I just want to be able to open a package and eat, period. Yes, not the best method but my son is thirteen now and that's a lot of years of continual cooking. This mama craves delicious ready-to-eat goodies.

And then, it was as if the universe heard my request. I received an email from Soodles Bake Shop. (Say it with me, it's fun- you know it is! SOODLES! SOODLES, Soodles, Soodles!) Like many other emails, I read and thought "I bet there will be something in it that my son can't have" which often happens when you have multiple food allergies. Upon reading- gasp! No- he could have ALL of these items! Soodles Bake Shop is free of gluten, dairy, egg, fish & shellfish, sesame, peanuts and tree nuts (they do use coconut) and their facility is dedicated free of these ingredients as well. Goodness, (wiping drool off mouth) I can have even more of them (because, you know, I do need to do a proper product review). 

What Did I Get to Try Soodles sent me four of their delicious products (and in the cutest bags, I might add)- Cinnamon Coffee Cake, Double Chocolate Baked Donuts, Honey Grahams and Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Cake Pops. They are frozen but you just need to leave them out at room temperature to thaw and then, bam! Instant awesomely wonderful ready-to-eat treats (the only exception of a minor effort being that the donuts need to be iced but the frosting is sent with it).

Cinnamon Coffee Cake You know how you walk past "that cinnamon bun place" in the mall and the smell hits you? You know those cinnamon rolls in a can that are gooey but chock full of allergens and unhealthy ingredients? THIS is the answer to both of those! This coffee cake is moist, smells heavenly and did not even last more than a few minutes. Slice, heat- gone! Not to mention NutriKids trying to rip open the other packages which is a no-no until after I taste and photograph. I silently love to torture them because, well, I can.

Double Chocolate Baked Donuts If I could take a Devil's Food cake and shape it into a donut, this is what I would say these tasty treats remind me of. With a hint of cinnamon and ultra-fudgy frosting that comes with them, Snoodles has managed to make a downright decadent treat for even the pickiest chocolate lover. As I have mentioned in the past, NutriSon is uber-picky so I had a blast saying "Just try it!", watching him chew, make a face and then hearing "Can I have the rest? It's good!" as I am leaving the room.

Honey Grahams This is a tuffy for me to describe to all of you properly. Soodles has somehow managed to create a graham cracker that is crunchy but not teeth-shattering crunchy (come on fellow gluten free peeps- you all understand!) as well as capturing a familiar smell that I still cannot place. If you begin by opening the bag and inhaling the addictive Honey Graham smell, you will understand what I mean. Is it the coconut? Do they remind me of a wafer? Am I just so entwined with these products that no matter what I eat, I simply must have them? Poor NutriDaughter- through this whole process, she somehow got to eat only two of these...sorry, they were staring at me.

Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Cake Pops These are, without a doubt, the perfect allergy-friendly pops! The vanilla cake was moist, texture was fluffy and the outer chocolate was just the right amount of coverage to give them that extra crunch effect....yum, oh yum! Mom Tip- to easily hide evidence of noshing, eat over the kitchen sink as most moms do. This will allow you to wash away the chocolate particles as needed without having to share. I mean, sharing is nice but sometimes being just a tad selfish is not such a bad thing either.

Want Some? Great news- Soodles Bake Shop has multiple ways for all of you to get their allergy-friendly items.

  • Online shipping so you can have them delivered to your doorstep (unless you live in or near Columbus, OH then you can go get them)
  • Restaurants & Pizzerias (Ohio only) - yes, you read that correctly! Click here for a list of places that you could dine and have safe and tasty options 
  • Stores (also in Ohio only) - Imagine shopping and being able to pick up a treat as well
Get Some Cheap(er) Soodles Bake Shop is offering 10% off when you use promo code "Nutrimom" for all of my wonderful Nutrimom peeps! Better hurry as this offer is valid between 3/30/14- 4/12/14.
Soodles Bake Shop also has other items that I did not review. For a complete list of what is available, please visit them at 

Huge, completely satisfied and uncontrollable hugs going out to the peeps at Soodles Bake Shop for sending me all of their items to try. (Even though, I truly believe it was a secret plot to get me hooked to continue to need more!) If that's the case, I don't blame them one bit- every single bite is definitely nothing less than allergy-free perfection!

*I was not compensated in any way other than receiving the products themselves to review- my opinions are always honest.

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