Friday, April 3, 2015

Can't Make Heads or Tails of Easter..YES, You Can

I have this really bad habit of thinking of holiday recipes last minute...which is oh so helpful in the sharing department, right? Perhaps you will still have the time to make these or keep it tucked away for next year's new treats. Either way, I wanted to post this to have something festive live.

At my last pre-holiday shopping trip to Whole Foods for supplies before the insane crowds arrived, I passed the endcap where they had a display of Surf Sweets jellybeans. I walked on, then I saw their Watermelon Rings and an idea popped into my head for a cookie recipe. Everyone makes bunny cookies, Easter baskets, chicks.....the list goes on and on. Then I remembered the April Fool's Day joke that Annie's Homegrown posted on Facebook (here) and I knew I was on a mission. With a short list of a few items, I was on my way to Easter baking. Ladies and gentlemen (yes, there actually some dads that bake, gosh!) I give you

~Easter Bunny Heads and Tails Cookies~

After all, why make an entire rabbit when you can create bits and pieces that will be more of a conversation piece?

Are they the best looking cookie? No. Are they perfect? No. But I feel it's better to share all recipes because in everyday life, we don't all make picture-perfect cookies. It's about finding a fun recipe, using your products in different ways and just plain having fun.

To prep, you will need to slice the Watermelon Rings into quarters, then slice the quarter pieces in half, which will be used as the tails "bend". (Great news- you can then eat the remaining ring pieces, yum!) You will also need to slice the jellybeans in half. Caution- if you are younger, please enlist the help of an adult for this. Prepare the cookie dough as directed. I used butter but I have had great success subbing the butter witha mixture of (1) 4-ounce applesauce & oil too.

In three easy steps, you can form the head and tail:

- I recommend keeping the dough in the refrigerator before and in between batches to make it easier to roll.

- Do NOT grease the pan

- Start very small as the dough expands as it bakes

- Use your fingers to gently flatten the dough into desired shapes

- Add halved jellybeans

- Begin with only 2 for each ear but then add 1 more to each ear after they have begun to poof up in the oven

- Remove gently, place on a cooling rack, dot eyes with melted chocolate (suing a toothpick) and cool completely

- Again, start small

- Use your fingers to gently flatten the dough into desired shapes

- Add "bend" pieces of the rings into the tail

- Bake

- Remove gently, place on a cooling rack and cool completely

...Gah! Can these pictures be any worse? Sunny, dark, sunny, dark..(Sorry)

Once cool, store the cookies (if there are any leftovers) in an airtight container to keep them from getting stale.

Serving sizes will vary due to size that you choose to create.

*Mom Tip- don't loose your head if you crack a cookie. In the end, the final official decision from NutriKids was no buts about it, they still taste just as delicious! (get it, it's PUNny)

PS- As a mom who hates to overpay or waste anything, a gentle reminder to save those Cherrybrook Kitchen proof of purchase bar codes to send in for their Sweet Rewards Program!

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