Friday, May 29, 2015

Challenge- Order, Save & Win!

As you know, Winona Pure Oils has been offering 15% off your entire order when you enter promo code nutrimom15. Sadly, this promotion will end on May 31...that's THIS Sunday at midnight! Is anyone else sad about this too?! They are a great company, I love their products and I am so grateful that they want to share the love with all of you with this savings code. But, as always, I am known to love to share with all of you too.

Here is my challenge to all of you this entire weekend-

If we can get 15 orders placed using nutrimom15 at Winona by midnight May 31st, I will host a giveaway. How simple and awesome is this? Not only are you getting their allergy-friendly oils at a discounted rate you will also be gearing up for a giveaway too! So what do you have to do? Simple-

  1. Go to anytime between now and midnight, May 31st (I would recommend NOT waiting until midnight because if you do, you may wind up slipping into Monday's date and then the savings promo won't apply- boo!)
  2. Fill your online cart with your choice of Winona Pure Oil products
  3. Enter nutrimom15 (all lowercase) to receive 15 % off your entire order  
  4. Visit Winona Pure's Facebook page (here ya' go) and leave a comment "Ordered & saved using nutrimom15!"
  5. Heck, while you're at it, why not go & comment on their Twitter page too! (It's nice, everybody likes comments- go HERE)
  6. Please remember to go to my pages, lovable (not) old Nutrimom & leave a comment too (Facebook) and/or (Twitter)
  7. SHARE!!! Let's go above & beyond and try to beat the 15 person goal- let's show Winona Pure that we appreciate their mission to provide pure, healthy allergy-friendly products AND that we would love to have a chance for a giveaway too. (Come on with all of the grilling and backyard barbecues coming up, think of the possibilities!)
Let's do this- who's up for the challenge? Get to it, the clock is ticking- Go, Go, GO!!!

You could be ordering this right now! 
*FREE of: Peanuts & Tree Nuts, Soy, Dairy, Egg, Gluten, Additives & Propellants 

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