Saturday, June 13, 2015

What Does a Food Geek Do?

It's the end of another school year. I have work that is overdue,both NutriChildren graduated (5th and 8th Grade), parties, cooking, presents, cleaning, cooking, DISHES, COOKING!!!!! Phew! And in the midst of it all, what do I, Nutrimom, self-professed Food Geek* do? I disappear for hours at a time at my newest local Harris Teeter (Pine Plaza location). Because this is how I spend my time. Quiet time for me is food shopping alone but I don't even food shop anymore- I am like the dog in "Up" that tries to go into the food store for a few things and then gets distracted by new allergy-friendly food items.

My latest adventure? The Harris Teeter that recently relocated to a larger store just up the street. And what's strange is that NutriDaughter and I actually took a "trip" to check it out, took pictures and shared (she may just be a mini Food Geek yet!) and somehow, we both missed what is possibly THE best part of the entire store...behold, in the frozen section, there are shelves upon shelves of gluten free items! And not just a few, but items that I usually have to go all the way into Winston-Salem to get (yeah, all the way, like 20 minutes). Without further rambling, I present the many reasons that I love the new store-

Why am I Telling You This? A- I am a Food Geek (we already established that). B- I am passionate about helping others find allergy-friendly foods and when I see them right in a local store, I have to share (one less trip..or two or three, right? PLUS, VIC card = extra Budget Alerts). C- This is just what I do & somebody has to do it so why not share.

On a side note, I have tried & tried my hardest to get the lovely peeps at Harris Teeter to recruit my services to make their stores even more awesome but alas, they have not taken me up on it. I mean, this store rocks but imagine, just imagine what I could bring to them to up their game within the food allergy community?! I am thinking that the person I spoke to thought I was a telemarketer...I understand but gosh, I think my website speaks for itself.

Happy shopping & keep your eyes open, always! Allergy-friendly products are slowly making their way into our stores, more varieties are being offered and I for one could not be happier!

*Food Geek- ME! I love food, I love finding new allergy-friendly foods & products that I can use with food and I love them cheap!! 

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