Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Uncanny Truth About SunButter

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OK, today is the day- it is July 12, 2015 and I am finally able to spill the beans (or, the sunflower seeds). You see, as much as I hate to keep things from anyone, I am sworn to secrecy when it comes to new products that are about to come out into stores. As a blogger, I have to uphold agreements, keep my lips sealed tightly and even hide products in my very own home so that nobody knows about them until they are officially announced. But now I, lovable not-so-old Nutrimom has the ok to tell ALL of you about what you can now find in most of your local Target stores!

Are you ready?! (turning head, looking around) At this very moment, the shelves are being stocked with canisters of 1.5 oz. On the Go Single Cups! Like, SunButter Mini Me's!! And just to make sure that you know what to look for, I am going to share the sure signs that the SunButter item that you are picking up is,indeed, the new On the Go Single Cups Canister.

#1- Size of the Jar
As you can see, the On the Go Cups Canister is very similar to the typical Creamy variety of SunButter but it's taller. (Gasp! It's like somebody stretched it out like those weird Elastic Man dolls! OR, maybe the canister was in front of one of those fun-house mirrors at the carnival- you know, the one that makes you look taller?) But of course, the immediate giveaway is once you open the jar- clearly, if you are seeing nothing but Creamy SunButter, then you were overly excited about the new product and you reached for the wrong item (which would still be ok because all SunButter is delish). To ensure that you select the On the Go Cups Canister, take a moment to breath, analyze the product that you are holding in the store and if need be, double check the pricing screen as it is scanned. This may be a little excessive but when you want to be sure, you do what it takes. Besides, school will be starting in a few weeks and you don't want to be left without these cute little lunch bag fillers.

#2 - Lunch Bag Fillers Wow, see how that all just flowed right into that? But it's the truth! These cute little cups are the perfect size for little hands and lunches! Well, they are actually good for any size hands but as a mom, because they are so convenient and smaller, I just associate them with my kids' lunch needs first. That and when they arrived, there was a brief tug of war with myself and NutriDaugher who is an avid lover of the Creamy SunButter. The thought of my child, my flesh and blood that I gave life to trying to take my SunButter....what is this world coming too? But I totally get it (the joke is on her, because when she's back in school enjoying these cups I will be at home eating up the rest of them!)

#3- The Peaky Window
Is that the technical term for that little see through area on the canister? I am willing to bet it is not but when you're a mom, all words sound better when you add a "Y" to them (horsey, kitty, froggy) understand. This is the most obvious way to make sure that your product is the On the Go Cups Canister. And honestly, if it wasn't and it was your usual jar of Creamy SunButter and that had a peaky window, well, that would be just kind of weird. I would probably still eat it though. Or, I could do like I always do and if I'm not sure, I would pack it into NutriHubby's lunch (sorry honey! I know you are ready this, saying "Nice! Real nice!" but it's for the good of the family).

#4- Taste 
This is a no-brainer. SunButter is SunButter- regardless of shape, size, container, peaky window, whatever. Fellow SunButter lovers know this, you understand it and I really don't have to say much more about it. I can remind all of you that I have tons of recipes that use SunButter from past articles I have written for SunButter as well as product reviews to recipes in my ebook "The Stepping Stones to Food Allergies", my Facebook page, in my quarterly newsletters and even with my newest recipe venture with gfJules. (to access, simply click on the words & you will be automatically transported to these areas. This may or may not be due to a technical ability that SunButter may also secretly have that, if it was a secret, I would be sworn not to tell you). 

Recipe Pics Reshare 
Just to give you a little SunButter eye candy, I wanted to reshare a couple of recipe pictures to help you understand how versatile SunButter is. And, to make your taste buds tingle, your mouth water (and, you know, I like having visits to my sites so help a blogger out). 

The world's easiest SunButter Nana Sandwich

SunButter Sunflower Snack

Simple SunButter Muffins
Are you driving in your car yet, racing to the nearest Target? I should hope not (don't read and drive- ask a friend to read it to you and drive responsibly). Please keep in mind that some Targets may not have them just yet so be patient and kind to the customer service representative that you talk to about it. Maybe offer to make them one of the recipes using this new product if they give you a little heads-up when they do arrive? Either way, rest assured that this newest SunButter item will be helpful for school, traveling, snacking, gifts or even holiday needs.

Please remember to recycle the empty containers (Nutrimom is a big recycling advocate) or be creative and reuse them for anything from arts & crafts supplies to hair accessories to tiny cooking items. Most of all, take a moment to visit them to say hello at and to check out the sweepstakes, please click here.

I love the SunButter products, I love being creative in the kitchen and I encourage all of you to do the same- don't be afraid to play with your foods!

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