Thursday, July 23, 2015

True Protein Comes in Many Forms

I recently saw a product review posted by one of the bloggers that I follow for True Solution. True Solution is an allergy-friendly protein shake that is plant protein and free of dairy and soy (among other things). Since NutriKids are beginning the tween and teen years, they are also beginning the "I'm not going to eat that" years. So, of course, this option peeked my interest. At first glance, you will see that they are a grab-n-go size and they have chocolate and vanilla so of course my kids are already thinking they are milkshakes (hey, I'll take it if it does the trick).

Yes, there is an uneven amount and one of the chocolate shakes is gone because, well, I like chocolate so of course I opened up that bad boy before anyone else could get to them! But you all know that I can't resist figuring out what products can be used for so how did I test the True Solution shakes?

Step 1: Share As I always say- sharing is caring! Not that I had to force my daughter to share- she was waiting patiently through all of my product picture taking. I am happy to report that just one serving (11 oz) is more than enough to share, produce a smile and make you feel like you've had a fast, allergy-friendly snack. The best part- no cooking, no prep- just shake and open. And even though these shakes are jam packed with lots of healthy ingredients, I added a squirt or two of coconut oil spray for the added benefits.*

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Step 2: Shake & Bake Well, maybe not bake- cook with but that wouldn't have rhymed so onward. Every Sunday is pancake day in NutriFamily's home so I decided to see how these little protein shakes would hold up in pancake form. Simply prepare your usual pancake recipe and either add some of the True Solution shake to the mix or replace your liquid with the shake. Why? Because I have found that using foods that my family will eat and adding in additional proteins works much better, easier and with less moaning and groaning than when I try and force new foods onto them. The results- the pancakes had a more creamy taste, they did take a little bit longer to cook and needed the temperature to be slightly lower than normal. Remember that we do make gluten free pancakes so this factor also comes into play. (The stack on the right are the True Solution pancakes) Need a recipe that is NutriFamily-proven? Click here.

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Step 3: Instant Protein Popsicle This is one of the easiest ways to coax a picky eater to include new foods into their diets. I decided to put these shakes to the test and see how well they hold up when it comes to freezing. Just use a popsicle mold or small plastic cups, sticks or tiny spoons, pour, cover with plastic wrap and freeze. (I do recommend storing them in an airtight container to reduce freezer burn once they are frozen.) Taste-tested by both NutriDaughter and our neighbor (with no allergies) and it was a resounding "These are great!" Mental note to also keep this in mind for future sore throat and sickie episodes when tummies are not able to deal well with solids.

Step 4: Overall Impression I have to say, I am always leery when it comes to protein shakes. They very often tend to be (in my opinion) chalky, tasteless and just don't seem to have a smooth consistency. I am gladly proclaiming that these True Solution shakes have finally given me an option to disprove all three! Why:

  • They are plant protein (which is one of the more difficult food groups for us to get into our kids' diet)
  • They are very tasty & delicious- just like a milkshake
  • Very smooth & creamy- NOT gritty or lumpy like many other products
  • They are free of eight allergens (which include soy and dairy) info here  
  • Great as a travel snack item to keep everyone satisfied as well as healthy

I want to thank both True Solution for offering to send me some for review (I NEED to get some of these and stock up!) as well as the lovely lady at Mom vs. Food Allergy (who knows when I may have had to wait to stumble upon these awesome items without her post!). If you need additional information about ingredients or how to get these for your very own, True Solution can be found on the web, Facebook and Twitter.

Just a note that although these shakes are pretty tasty, I do not recommend that you use them as a meal replacement or infant formula- real food is still real food and the best option overall. But what better way to enjoy the added bonus of these tasty option?!

As always, no compensation was given for my review other than the products themselves as my opinion is always my own and completely honest.

*We use Winona Pure Oil Coconut Oil- not only is this the only spray oil that contains no additives, propellants or soy but coconut has multiple benefits (such as increasing ketone bodies, which supply energy to the brain as well as other properties which can aid in killing harmful pathogens, helping to prevent infection.) so why not add it too?

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