Thursday, August 6, 2015

Just a Sweet Note from the Queen

Once upon a time, a long long time ago there was a bagel company that used to make bagels that were gluten free and free of the top eight allergens. But alas, that company decided to discontinue that product, leaving the people in the kingdom very upset. Many of the people were sad. Imagine knowing what a bagel tastes like, remembering how it smells when you toast it on a chilly day and the empty devastation you feel each time you pass by a local bagel store that does not carry an allergy-friendly bagel that you can enjoy too. This did not make the villagers content and so the Queen decided upon a quest (fyi, the Queen is me).
Ye royal selection ~
She sent out a royal tweet and behold, was given a sweet reply. "My Queen, we can help your people! Let us send you our bagels to try." The Queen, being very hesitant as so many other times she had gotten her hopes up and been utterly disappointed decided to give them a try (for the good of her people). A short time later, a package arrived by horseless carriage and inside the magical box was an assortment of Sweet Note Bagels as promised. There was not one but three types to choose from and the Queen was pleased. She read and reread the label "made in a gluten free and top 8 allergen facility"- the Queen smiled. She scanned the website to double-check ingredients (as the Prince was highly allergic to many foods and so were her villagers). She was again beaming with delight because the website states "That means no wheat, egg, dairy, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, fish or shellfish". This called for a royal tasting.

Ye royal Plain variety ~

Being the Queen, she decided simple was best first. Her royal bagel toaster brought her the Plain bagel upon her request and topped it with a dollop of cream cheese (dairy free, of course!). The Queen took a bite, then another and soon all of the royal court was asking if they too could have a taste. Ultimately, it was the royal Prince who got the next taste after much coaxing (as he had been equally disappointed with past products too). The Prince took a small bite to appease the Queen but then quickly requested an entire bagel all to himself. Normally, this type of gluttony angered the Queen but today she understood and allowed it. The final royal announcement was made for that day:

"Here ye, Here ye! Let it be known that the Queen and the Prince have eaten the Plain variety of Sweet Note Bagels successfully! To all the villagers who are eager to know- it is of good texture & taste and is not difficult to chew like some other allergy-friendly bagels are. The Queen also mentions that she is pleased at how these bagels do not taste at all like an bagel that is allergy-friendly. As per the wishes of the Queen and the Prince, you may begin to feast upon these bagels."

Early the next morning, the Prince awoke at the crack of dawn- eager to see what the next bagel would be. The royal bagel toaster brought him one of the Everything variety and without hesitation, the Prince took a very large bite. The crunching and the squeals of delight of the Prince traveled down the halls, waking the Queen and sending her into a panicked rush to the Prince's dining hall. "My Prince, are you ok? What have you eaten?!" The Prince smiled and looked up from his plate and stated with crumbs on his lips "I have eaten Everything and I love it!"

Ye royal Everything variety ~
Although the Queen was delighted that her beloved allergic Prince was enjoying the bagels, she felt a bit slighted. After all, she was the Queen and she should take the first bite! She commanded that the Cinnamon Raisin bagels be stored away until she was ready to try them.

The next day was a cool and rainy day- perfect bagel-eating weather! Sitting in front of her roaring fireplace, the Queen demanded "Bagel toaster! Tea and bagels please- I must try the last bagel!" The royal bagel toaster hurried and scurried (because he knew that a hungry Queen was also an angry Queen). When he arrived, he could tell that the Queen was in need of something comforting. The bagel toaster bowed and presented her with the Cinnamon Raisin toasted bagel and waited in case she needed anything else. "Toaster! Come here now!" Afraid, he stepped forward and waited as the Queen got very close to him "You simply must taste this!" Shocked, the royal bagel toaster did as he was told and almost could not hide his delight until the Queen said "Toaster, let us not forget that we can always order more." With that, he left the Queen to enjoy her bagel feast.

Ye royal Cinnamon Raisin variety ~

The Queen's Final Thoughts ~
~  BEST allergy-friendly bagels since EVER!
~ Very much like a typical store-bought New York Style bagel
~  Definitely hearty- these are not at all a measly meal
~  They store well in the fridge (easier to grab & toast) but the Everything toppings do get a bit soggy after a few days from package condensation
~  I have a personal method to keep gluten free foods a bit less dry- spray with oil* mid-way while toasting to keep the items moist & delish
~ Even the packaging is clever and cute
~ PLEASE tell them that Nutrimom referred you (I don' receive anything for it but it's nice to let them know that I shared)
~ Connect with them here Web, FB, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram & Google+
Ye royal information ~

Many MANY thanks to Sweet Note Bagels for offering to send them my way- our family enjoyed every single bite. (Feel free to continue to send them to us as we will gladly take them!)

* I recommend Winona Pure Oils as they are also allergy-friendly (they are free of soy, additives and propellants)....hey, Sweet Note Bagels- just a thought but why not pair up with these folks & cover all of your allergy needs?

As always, I did not receive any compensation for this product review other than the products themselves. My product reviews are always honest.

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