Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Food Allergies are Contagious

NutriSon will be 14 this year- gasp!!! Dabbing eyes, feeling short and old(er). I am so very proud that he takes everything in stride and although he chooses to stay on the quieter side of how he deals with his food allergies, I feel that this entire journey has been a new opportunity for us to speak out. I can truly say that food allergies have changed out family's life for the better- a blessing in disguise. And although many people may not agree, I know this entire process has taught all of us how to examine our foods on so many levels that we never would have.

What I find comical is sitting back, listening to some of the situations that come up in every day conversation with myself or my children. This is true for any family but I often catch myself giggling so I wanted to share some of it with all of you. After all- laughter is a necessity so if our family can stir up one giggle for you, we have helped in some way. So, in no particular order, I share with all of you how food allergies can be contagious (in a good way):

  • Your children have a 20 minute conversation about a movie scene, debating if they washed their hands before they began making a pie
  • Your favorite aisle in the food store is the kitchen gadgets aisle
  • You get excited when you see one of those same, expensive kitchen gadgets at the dollar store
  • Your daughter instinctively finishes the Subway commercials that say "Eat fresh" with a prompt "yoga mats"
  • Your children won't speak to you because they found out once upon a time, you ate McDonald's chicken nuggets as a child (hey, go yell at Grandma for that one)
  • Your family watched an episode of Master Chef Jr. and asks why they don't have an allergy-friendly version of the show
  • Your daughter asks why the open barrel of peanuts has to be next to all of the produce
  • Your non-allergic child can explain what "carmine" is
  • If you already know what "carmine" is (how many of you are Googling it right now? Comment)  :)
  • When discovering there is a chocolate shortage, your children immediately ask if it will effect any of the Enjoy Life Foods products
  • The discovery of the chocolate shortage leads to a new conversation about whether or not it's dairy free chocolate or all chocolate
  • Your children walk down the cereal aisle and when they see the new and improved sugary cereals, their response is "How many GMO's do you think are in that?!"
  • Your child refuses to allow her friend to use a certain type of SunButter because it's not her favorite variety 
  • When Grandma gets mad because her grandchildren will only use Vegenaise
  • Your child comes home in a bad mood and explains that her friend had no protein in her lunch and why can't she just understand that it's so important to eat it
  • An allergy-free expo is now a mini family vacation
  • The kids are reminding the teachers at school that there is a zero copay card for the EpiPen refills

How many of these do you identify with? Share your family's allergy funnies below- Nutrimom loves a good family share <3 

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