Thursday, November 26, 2015

Are Your Kids Barfing?

"Are your kids barfing? My kids are barfing.".....this is not how you want to start a phone call with your best friend who was just at your house.

Back to school, the weather changes, children being so nice and sharing their coughs, colds and sniffles- all the joys of being a parent each year. So what happens when you have an allergic child and your family is hit with the newest wave of viruses? What foods can be kept in your home that will not only soothe your allergic child but also be safe? I mean, nothing would be worse than a child with a temperature who is trying not to throw up and then handing them a food that spurs into an allergic reaction. Not only is it horrifying to think of but, as a parent, you would have a hard time figuring out if it was a reaction from the food or if it was related to your child not feeling well.

There are a few products that our family has found to get us through the toughest of times when we have been hit with the crud so I thought I would share them in case anyone else is looking for some "sicky" tips as well.

Ian's Natural Foods Alphatots Yes, NutriKids are getting a bit older and these letter potato products may be a bit young but they still love them (shhhh! So do I!). When your stomach is not feeling well, you just want a starchy food to make you feel better. Add a dash of sea salt and these seem to help any age tummy from gurgling a little less.

Peppermint Tea Honestly, not the most favorite thing that NutriKids like but they have both learned that mom usually knows what she is talking about, so they sip it. Just be aware that I recommend peppermint only for things like stomach cramps and repeat visits to the bathroom and not for heartburn.
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Banana Chips Banana is great for stopping up those who can't seem to stop going to the bathroom...and going to the bathroom...and, well, you get it. So why banana chips? Ok, have you ever tried to eat a banana when you are nauseous? Ugh! Nope, not happening. Banana chips are just dehydrated so you get the benefit of the banana but it's dry and usually sits better in the tummy. Two of our favorite brands areBrothers-All-Natural and Crispy Green.

Philly Swirl Popsicles Ok, before you start to rant about the artificial colors and flavors, I know. But I am always honest about what we use in our home. So, yes, we use these popsicles even though they are not 100% natural. Why? Because they are safe for us, my children love them and when my kids are sick, I do whatever I can to make them happy at that moment. So if they want a brightly colored popsicle for their sore throat, this is our #1 go-to. (BTW, most Dollar Tree stores carry a box of 6 for just $1...budget-worthy).

Dry Cereal This is a no-brainer. As with anyone who is trying not to barf, you want bland, dry, but good. In our home, we try to maintain gluten free as much as we can. So gluten free dry cereal is usually in our cabinets. Freedom Foods Cocoa Crunch, Tropico's and Maple Crunch are typical for us (I do recommend starting out with smaller amounts because everybody loves their favorite cereal 'til it comes back up..eww).

Vitamin C Pops Sore throats and coughs also need some extra TLC. We have used YumEarth for many years. Plus, they are organic and have vitamin c so, yay!!! Better than candy,better than the usual sugary pops and they are rather tasty.

Gluten Free Waffles This is a two stage food item. First stage is just dry- dry, dry, dry because icky bellies don't like anything on waffles when they are upset. Once everything calms down and my children seem to be ok with eating a bit more food, I add a little bit of protein onto the waffles to try and get them some nourishment. Usually the best tolerated is a thin layer of SunButter. Our freezer staple waffles are Nature's Path Chia Plus and Buckwheat.

Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets Again, this is for later in the illness saga. We stock up on Applegate nuggets because it's a good belly combo (and, because they are yeast-free, I can eat them too). My kids get their protein, they feel as if they are getting a treat and their upset stomach likes the dry yet not greasy factor of the nuggets.

Extra Hugs This is a no-brainer :) Stop what you are doing, sit and watch the same episode of Spongebob for the 572nd time, hug them and just know that this is the best medicine of all, ever. And it's guaranteed to be 100% allergy safe.

Got an allergy-friendly tip for dealing with your families illnesses? Please share a comment ~

THIS would have been a big help too!
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As with ANY items, always consult with your physician and read labels to make sure it is safe for your family to use. 

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