Monday, November 30, 2015

Cuz It's Banana Your Business

Today is December 1st. (please tell me you did not just recheck your calendar or schedule- ha!) I wanted to let all of you know that I have a special December giveaway with chances to win for all 31 days!!! Are you awake now? Did I peak your interest? Ok, here's the deal-

A few weeks ago, I came across Banana it's not water from a banana but I will let that one slide since both NutriKids already asked me that (and, during the holidays, it's good to be funny). You all know I like to share and you all know some of my past giveaways have been pretty decent and fun. 2015 has been an awesomely busy year and I realized that I haven't had as many giveaways as I had in the past. This made me sad. You know I love all of you and I am all about keeping my peeps informed as well as happy. So when Banana Water reached out, I had a thought pop into my head and they were on board too. They are fun people too and allergy-friendly + fun = awesome!

The Prize Of course this should be explained because, honestly, everyone wants to know. There will be only 1 winner and that winner will get (basically) everything that is in the picture to your left.

Well, actually - I was informed by my Banana Water rep that there will be even more!!!  Is everyone putting on their banana-themes clothes and doing the happy dance? I would but alas, I have no banana is this even possible?

To Enter Every day from December 1st - December 31st, I will share a picture on my Facebook page. Here are the directions:

  1. Go every day to find the newest photo of what Sippy the Elf & Mr. Nanners the reindeer have been up to with Banana Water
  2. Comment according to what I have posted (could be a question, maybe a caption, who knows)
  3. You MUST include #ENBananaWater to be considered a contest entry 
  4. For extra entries, tag a friend (because the elf & the reindeer like tags & shares)
  5. Additional entries on Instagram & Twitter! Snap a photo, caption something or show your own Elf with Banana Water and tag me (TracyBNutrimom) so I can make sure I count the contest entry.
*Contest is open to US and Canadian citizens only. 1 winner will be chosen randomly. The winner must reply within 72 hours or an alternate winner will be chosen. Once contacted, please allow 7-10 days for shipping, especially with the holidays and possible inclement weather. 

So, Wait, There's an Elf & a Reindeer?! Yes but I promise all of you that both Sippy the Elf and Mr. Nanners the reindeer are fully open & holiday-aware to everyone. In fact, here's a sneak peek of what they look like-

Does Mr. Sippy & Mr. Nanners Come With The Prize Too? Nope. Finders keepers and they both belong to the Nutrimom household ;)

I Didn't Even Know There Was Banana Water No fears! Simply visit them on their website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Make sure you tell them thank you and that Nutrimom told you about them (this may, in fact, entice them to have future giveaways).

Good luck to everyone and remember- keep your eye on the Banana Water (or, the elf, or the reindeer...or well, you get it).

<3 Special thanks to Banana Water for providing such an awesome prize pack <3 



  1. Awesome...#ENBANANA Sippy and Banners are staying updated on the web about the banana water

  2. Thank you for this great giveaway! I am very excited about Banana Water, especially for my diabetic husband.


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