Saturday, November 21, 2015

Food Allergy Awareness Alert!

In every day life, it can be tricky to figure out how to let others know about your food allergies without seeming as if you are a walking billboard. It's a fine line that the food allergy community walks- it can be easy for some of us while others may be viewed as the "helicopter parent" or even those that can just be, well, quite blunt at times (ehm, me, such as here. Hey, it happens, I apologized but I am honest about it.) But when I find products that take away the burden of having to break the ice about food allergies, I am not only appreciative but I need to share them.

Food Allergies and Me sent me a selection of four adorable buttons recently. I have to say, they are not only cute but the artwork is family-friendly while getting the food allergy alert across to others. As a parent, I could see how they would easily be a trend-setter with younger children. You remember when you were in school- anytime somebody had something new and cool, you wanted one. Kids always collect, they want to share and very often, it's the kids that are on top of being aware of their friends' food allergies before the adults are. (No judgement meant- this is just an awesome fact and I love it!)

Not Just Buttons
I assumed they only had buttons, which I was totally cool with but then I checked out the Food Allergies and Me website and they have other items too! I highly recommend that you visit them but for those of you who are like me and want instant information, I'll share here and now:

  • Buttons but also custom food allergy buttons! This option is a plus, especially since food allergies have become more than just your typical top 8. You can contact them, let them know what your allergy is if it's not available in their usual collection and you get your very own special food allergy item. Besides, we all knew that having food allergies is actually something to brag about so now you have another bragging point. 
  • T-Shirts! Food allergy awareness and a comfy t-shirt, I am in! They offer sizes from Youth XS to Adult XL and have 8 different colors to choose from. I'm thinking great holiday gifts, a good item for a family picture or even a special just because shipment to show your favorite person with food allergies that you were thinking about them.
    Hey, how about a school event, a teacher's gift or even something for summer camp? (I know, so not summer camp weather right now but better to prepare early). 
  • Magnets! Simple and yet brilliant. Our family always has magnets on our fridge and even as my children grew up, we used many different types of magnets as part of our teaching processes too. These would be a great way to start teaching your allergic child very early on about what to look for, labels that they need to seek out and wording that they will need to use to advocate for themselves. The earlier the better- even when my son could not read yet, I always showed him box labels and repeated them out loud so that it would be ingrained into his young mind for future use.
Ready to Order? I made it easy -peasy for all of you. Simply click on the items that I've listed or on Food Allergies and Me and you will be delivered right to their website pages. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram so make sure you check in with them their too- you never know what new information and deals they may be sharing. Please tell them that you found them from me (Nutrimom, that crazy blogger lady)- I don't get anything other than some thank you's. 

*As always, I never receive any compensation for product reviews other than the products themselves. My opinions are always honest and my own.


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