Friday, November 6, 2015

Keep Calm & Epi On

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As many of you know, there have been a bunch of recent updates in the news about the Auvi-Q recall. If you have been out of town, taking a break from the news or just not paying attention, ALL Auvi-Q's have been recalled and production has been put at a standstill until further investigation by Sanofi is complete. Am I upset- yes. Is my teenage son making a huge stink every time he has to carry the larger EpiPen epinephrine auto injector ? Yes. Am I a nervous wreck since all of this has come to light? No. And neither should any of you.

Everyone Wants Answers - I think it is more than safe to say that everyone does, including Sanofi. Of course we are on edge and want to know what happened, why, how long it will be, etc. but things just take time. When we get the answers, we get the answers. Believe me- I am super happy that my child did not need to use an Auvi-Q and have it fail. I am just as equally happy that there were no other deaths or tragedies due to the malfunctions. However, we all need to just chill out a tiny bit, breath and let Sanofi get us our answers. That's it- simple, still not what we all want to hear but true.

photo credit SnackSafely
Asking NOW Before the Answers- There was a recent posting that shared a new petition for Auvi-Q devices to be reintroduced quickly so consumers could continue to use them. That's great we truly want to put more pressure on Sanofi? Do we really want this process rushed through just for convenience sake? After all, lives could be at stake and in my book lives always trump convenience. Always. (Every single time, even when my son is whining again) Sanofi simply put a halt on further production until they get answers- this doesn't mean they will never be back.

It's Simple Science, NOT a Planned Spy Attack- OK, just hear me out on this one and I am not trying to poke fun or say my opinion is the opinion but when I saw comments suggesting that this was all set up by competing epinephrine brands to shut down Auvi-Q?...Come on now people, really? I mean, yes- it could be possible, all things are. However, am I so wrong in thinking that in this time of need, we should all be directing out energies to help get us the answers that we seek? Can we focus on what needs to be done, what needs to be researched and revamped so that all of us can use the Auvi-Q if we choose too? And if I'm wrong, remind me and I will happily write a follow-up article.

Large, Small- We STILL Have Epinephrine- I will admit that I realized how comfortable and spoiled our family had become with the options of having two types of epinephrine. Our kitchen is stocked with EpiPens, the school nurse has EpiPens and my now High School son felt more comfortable having the smaller Auvi-Q to self-carry. So when I told him he couldn't, the EpiPens were left in the care (ugh, what a waste!) and there have been several fights about him going out with friends without it. The point is- WE STILL HAVE EPINEPHRINE! Our children, our spouses, our family, all of our friends are STILL covered in case there is an allergic emergency. I, for one, am grateful this is the case. Doubtful, not feeling the love? There are countries that don't have any and if you don't have epinephrine, well, there is no choice. Next time you feel the recall is unjust, ask yourself if you would send your allergic child to school without an EpiPen.

Keep Calm & Epi On- Plain and simple- we all need to remember a few things until this issue is resolved. And please, I did not write this post to seem negative or point fingers- I always try to see both sides of a situation. Panic doesn't get us anywhere, but these can:
  • No matter what your family's preference is for an auto injector, ALWAYS keep two on hand to help prevent any unnecessary tragedies
  • Stay informed so that, as the epinephrine news changes, you can also decide what to continue to do for ultimate safety
  • EpiPen STILL has the $0 copay available through December 31, 2015 so if anytime was a good time to use it, now is. Link here
  • Use this as a time to reintroduce family members & friends to retraining, where to keep auto injectors and see what types of allergy carriers you can order to help with the process (examples here)
  • Reach out to others within the food allergy community- THIS is so very important! We are keeping each other together so let's keep doing just that
  • Be thankful that these companies care enough to post a recall to ensure that all of us have auto injectors that will save our lives if we need them too
Read This, Share This & Hug Your Family - This is just a must and sometimes, we forget that hugs can ease any stress, any time so just do it (even when you have cranky, teenagers that just HATE affection, even more reason).

*Our family uses both and I disclose that I have been included in discussions with both Mylan and Sanofi but these were informational only and I am in no way paid for my opinions of either product.

Do NOT throw away your Auvi-Q's! 
Please click here for return instructions

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