Thursday, December 24, 2015

Santa- Send a Copay Our Way

Dear Santa-

It's that time of year again when anyone and everyone who has food allergies that requires an EpiPen is waiting with fingers(and toes) crossed. You see, Santa, the good people of Mylan (the company who markets and distributes EpiPen) has been very gracious in helping out the food allergy community. For many years, they have implemented a bunch of helpful resources for us but I think what has been most helpful has been their $0 copay discount. For so many of us, the cost of our EpiPens is sometimes just astoundingly expensive. But it's something that we simply cannot risk living without. My worst personal fear as a food allergy mother is the possibility of having to watch my son go into anaphylactic shock and not have an EpiPen to use.....I truly cannot even let myself think about that. And as a part of the food allergy community, I fear for others as well...

- There are parents out there that work very hard to keep their children safe but often cannot afford to keep an Epipen on hand.

- There are family members that are on a fixed income or don't have a reasonable insurance plan and they cannot afford to keep an Epipen on hand.

- There are people in our communities that will often go straight to the hospital to get epinephrine and risk waiting during those crucial moments that could mean life or death because they cannot afford to keep an EpiPen on hand.

- There are children out there that understand their food allergies, that understand that they should have an EpiPen but don't have them because their parents cannot afford to keep an EpiPen on hand.....

Please ask your elves at Mylan to put on their holiday cheer caps and send us another $0 copay discount for our EpiPens. I'm putting in a special request but I'm also sending them gratitude for everything that that they have done for us each year. Nothing is a more precious gift than being prepared and feeling secure.

Santa, I ask you for my family as well as the countless other families that need to stay safe, prepared, alive.


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