Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Food- Not Just For Eating

Each year, we all gather with friends and family for various holidays and festivities. Sometimes we are limited, whether it be resources or trying to find allergy-friendly items to adorn our tables with. What if our resources are not as limited as we think? What if our holidays don't have to be improved, just revamped? Peek inside of your kitchen pantry, open up that long-lost cabinet full of items about to be outdated- use what you have! Are you confused? Let me explain~

Set the Mood
You have the linens, you have the food cooking but you are horrible at setting the table. You are undecided about colors, matching, how many candles look happy together but not as if the table will catch on fire at any moment. Stop over thinking it! Take a step back, breath and simplify. Nobody ever left someones house and complained about what the table looked like (just the food you burned, lol). Earth tones are calming, peaceful and can pretty much fit into almost any situation. To complete your candles, simply grind some Glutino pretzels and sprinkle them onto your candle dish. Your table will look absolutely effortless and delicious but still elegant.

Create a Place
Need the recipe? Click Here
Everyone loves to feel special, why not make something special to seat your guests with- maybe something decorative, something that sings Spring but also something that you can eat? A place setting is not always about what proper etiquette recommends. A place setting can be whatever you feel lends itself to the atmosphere or what you want your guests to enjoy. You are the creator of your own food space and this means you can make is as funky or as dainty or as artsy as you want too. Myself- I have a family that eats a lot (like, A LOT) so I made the ultimate place card- one that could be eaten. After all, what is food without more food? With a handful of gluten free ingredients, you can offer something that not many others would and begin a conversation (other than politics, sports, what the neighbor across the street was wearing the other day). Knowing my family, it will end in a contest with who can eat the fastest.

Make Your Own
There are plenty of sweet treats in the stores but as always, having food restrictions can cause stress just looking at all of the labels and ingredients. If you set aside just a few extra minutes, you can replace those store-bought mallows with an easy option to save you the added worry of a possible reaction. For less money you will have the special ingredient that only a homemade treat can provide. Skip the brightly colored, sugary shaped chewy-gooyies! Instead, grab a large marshmallow, melt some allergy-friendly chocolate and dip one end into some crushed pretzels. Better yet- use two flavors ( I used crushed Pretzel Chips and Yogurt Covered Pretzels). Who says a mallow has to be all sugar and no salt and crunch?! Make your own sweet delicacy the way you want it and begin a new tradition of better delicacies.

Always Have Extras
My mother always told me to make extra. You never know if there will be a last minute guest, a friend who needs a place to celebrate or a sudden neighbor stopping in. My family always makes more than enough because it's sinful to not feed everyone... we are Italian and we feed (maybe that's why we eat so much!!). Honestly, it does make sense- imagine hosting a dinner and realizing the last guest has no food?! Not in my house and having food allergies doesn't mean that there will be any smaller amounts either. After all, you never know who will pop in for a visit....

Please note that the above picture was taken without harming any rabbits. It is also extremely important that you NOT feed your rabbit crackers as it can be harmful to their diet. Please check with your veterinarian for your rabbit's best dietary options but always offer friends and family as many Glutino Crackers as you desire.


  1. Phew...good thing no bunnies were harmed!
    GREAT post. I just enjoy my late lunch, tea and your website. Muchas gracias.

    1. Thank you Gratefulfoodie, I am grateful to have you reading my posts :)

  2. great tips - especially the extras... I always seem to make too much! ;)

  3. You are always full of so many fun ideas Tracy - and I LOVE the idea of adding a salty treat with marshmallows - I had never thought of that.

    1. Thank you Alisa but I secretly stalk your recipe pages too ;)