Sunday, March 20, 2016

Veta- Good Things Will Come To Those Who Wait

In the world of food allergies, having instant access and knowledge of where and how to get your epinephrine is crucial and even life-saving. During an allergic reaction, all of your thoughts and actions can literally make the difference of potentially stopping an allergic reaction, decreasing the final outcome or even getting to someone before an allergic reaction has even begun (such as accidental ingestion of a known allergen). As a food allergic mother, my worst nightmare would be if my son did not have access to epinephrine at a moments notice if he needed it.

Countless deaths have been reported over the years due to waiting to get to epinephrine or not having it on-hand at all. It's such a frightening thought that a single food could end a life in the blink of an eye. But it's even more frightening to be a parent and send your child away from you each and every day not knowing if the next call you receive will be that horrible, dreaded call that no parent wants to hear- Your child suffered from an allergic reaction today. 

Found: An Answer In 2015, I came across a product that I instantly wanted. No- needed. Aterica Health was working on a smart case for EpiPens called a Veta case. I featured them in my 2015 Winter newsletter and reached out to see more about what was going on with this awesome product. Conversations went back and forth and the more information I got about the Veta case, the more hopeful I became. All of the questions that I ask myself or that anyone asks will be available to you by a single touch on your smart phone. Literally every single question that runs through your mind about the EpiPen can be answered through this Veta case. Curious? Tell me if these thoughts sound familiar:
  • Did my child forget to bring their EpiPen
  • Where was the EpiPen before I lost it?
  • Is it too hot or too cold where we have the EpiPen?
  • What if my child removes an EpiPen?
  • If the EpiPen is removed to be injected, how can I find out faster?
  • When was the last time I checked the expiration date?
  • What if I can't be reached right away?
  • What if someone panics or doesn't know how to inject the EpiPen correctly?
  • How will someone know where to transport my child?

Yes, the Veta case can answer ALL of these! Tell me that is not amazing and doesn't allow you to exhale even the tiniest bit. 

Veta in Action
To my delight, I got word that the Aterica Health folks were going to the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference last November. Putting a face to a name was great, seeing the product in person was good too but what knocked my socks off was to be able to watch the Veta case to see the multiple functions that it will provide. Want to see it? I thought you would so I taped it for all of you! Ready? Click below now!

(If you are having trouble watching the above media, click HERE to watch it)

Waiting Patiently The original estimated arrival date for the Veta cases was February 2016. It's March and the Veta case is still in the works BUT after meeting these people one-on-one, I know for a fact that the delay is not because time lines were not met, not about anyone not doing their jobs- it is quite the opposite. This team is very, very passionate about this product and they are perfectionists. Especially with recent recalls of other life-saving devices due to reported malfunctions, I for one am willing to wait if it means there will be a product that will be more likely to live up to what it promises. 

(Mike Fisher & Alex Leyn)
Photo courtesy of Aterica 
As explained by Alex Leyn, CEO & Co-Founder "I am profoundly aware that we are letting our pre-order customers down by not meeting our expected pre-order target ship date. While it is definitely not for lack of focus and extremely hard work by the entire Aterica team, we still have more work to ensure Veta delivers a secure, reliable, and transformative user experience our customers deserve. Overcoming constant design and manufacturing challenges has not been easy, but we know that the result will be a product experience that you and your family can rely upon.We share and have a deep appreciation for the degree of excitement and relief Veta represents for families living with anaphylaxis. Our direction and responsibilities to you remain clear. ~"

What Now We wait. There are other options- I suggest checking out their website to see how the Veta case will help you and your family. You could follow them on Facebook and Twitter to get instant updates or even to stop by and share your support with a few kind words. You can also pre-order* your Veta cases to ensure fast and easy delivery once these wonderful items are available. I can personally say that I have met these people, had lengthy conversations and have seen how much their goal is to help others. The food allergy community prides itself on seeking out those who have only the best intentions in mind to help others. Our community is very aware of the companies, products and organizations that want to help with their heart and soul and I can proudly say that Aterica Health is one of those amazing finds.

Me with Holly Curtis

* Please note that Aterica Health will not charge your credit card until the item has shipped. By pre-ordering, you are reserving your Veta cases, receive special pricing and discounts, get free shipping and get first and best guarantee. For complete details, please visit

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