Thursday, April 21, 2016

Allergy Medications Can Be a Part of Earth Day

Every year, there is a national Earth Day to encourage each and every one of us to help save our planet. I love the ideas that pop up in the media and I am grateful for those who take extra strides to become a part of new solutions to show earth that we appreciate it. My question to you is- why is it just one day? Why not take an active part in helping decrease the gazillion amounts of waste that are slowly taking over our earth every single day? I know we are busy, I know we all have jobs and lives and "stuff" but if we can reteach ourselves new routines in what we already do, it's billions of people doing at least one thing each day, everywhere. Ripple in a pond- each person does make a difference.

This brings me to how our allergies can be a part of Earth Day and then, every day. How many of us just throw away unused or expired medications? How many of us toss the empty (or expired but not empty) asthma inhaler cartridges into the garbage? These are all things that add up greatly. Especially since we all know that allergies continue to increase every year therefore so do the medications needed for them. This year, I looked at my son's expired asthma inhaler and as I opened the garbage, I stopped. I recycle everything... EVERYTHING so why was I going to throw this away? I needed some advice from someone that I could trust so I reached out to my favorite local pharmacist Gunar Stowers at Robinhood Family Pharmacy. I have to say, Gunar (as always) was eager to help. Check out how he explains what to do:

(Is your computer wonky and not letting you view the video above? Just click here)

Brag About YOUR Allergy Medications! Tell me how you recycle your allergy medications or comment and tell me what changes you will make to help out the earth. Share this post with a friend to increase the ripple. Then sit back and smile while the waves of karma come back to you <3

Happy Earth Day friends

If you are local, please stop in and talk to the lovely staff at Robinhood Family Pharmacy- I promise you will not find a more dedicated, caring full service pharmacy to trust with your family's needs. Let them know that Nutrimom sent you :)

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