Thursday, April 28, 2016

How Do YOU Use Your Food?

I have a strange sense of humor, I have odd thoughts about food, recipes and what to do with them and yet, I feel compelled to share them with all of you. Continually. I am annoying like that...well, maybe not annoying- persistent? But what I do each and every day, through every recipe and every silly video is because I want everyone to love their foods and have fun with the foods that they can eat. I refuse to believe that people's diets are limited. I refuse to believe that people feel discouraged because of their food allergies and intolerance. THAT is why I do what I do- I want to help. I NEED to help and I can't help myself when someone starts to debate it with me. It makes me itchy-twitchy and then I run home and brainstorm on 15,000 ways on how to help that person, regardless of whatever else I am in the midst of. Sometimes, I feel like Dr. House or the dog from "Up". You can even ask my family- I will be in mid-sentence and just stop, running away to write something down. Maybe a little bit rude but like I said- I can't help it.

Last April, I posted an article on how to upcycle the packaging on one of my favorite gluten free brands Glutino (If you are new to my blog or missed it, simple click here). This year, I wanted to offer yet another way to reuse some of their products. I mean, sometimes how you use your foods is by taking a step back, looking at the product and trying to see what a child would see. That is the way that I find some of my most simple, easy, food-sharing ideas. Don't over think it.

New Wave Enviro Lunchkit
OOOOh, I See Who has had the Glutino Sesame Rings? I have, I have! I love them but I also love sharing them. How do I share my love? Each and every day I pack lunches for my family. Most of the time, there's really nothing fancy going on but every once in awhile, I like to hide a little something special inside. My kids love finding what I pack and I've heard reports that it's become a daily ritual with NutriDaughter's friends, waiting to see what allergy-friendly items she has. So what if my little food surprise is not in the form a a usual treat? What if it's, well, right in plain site? Yes, I'm talking about an edible napkin ring. It IS that easy! Come on, take a poll- I bet nobody else has one in their lunch. It's like the Sesame Rings are multitasking- the story of a mere gluten free ring, laying quietly inside it's package, just waiting to see the light of day when someone finally opens the box. Then, the box opens and in the midst of feeling the fresh air, the Sesame Ring jumps onto the napkin to ensure that the lunch box is neat, tidy and delicious. The Sesame Ring knows that not many foods can achieve this and still stay crunchy. Mission accomplished.

Speaking of Multitasking How many times have you picked up some birthday balloons for a friend, then realized that you need to buy one of those annoying silver balloon weights? Come on- you know you hate to spend the money on it. You know you will most likely never use it except, maybe once again. It will be left on the table or tossed into the trash. It is a purchase that we silently kick ourselves for getting. I am not here to judge you but rather, save you. Next time, stand up for yourself and say no to that horrid little lump of whatever it is that they put inside the shiny, silver NASA blanket looking foil stuff! Instead, take a package of your favorite Glutino treats and put them to work for you. Since many of Glutino's crunchy little guys come in silver packaging, this is your key to an instant balloon anchor that is also an extra gift of gluten free treats for the person you are giving them too.
Step 1: Gently open the bag, making sure not to rip it
Step 2: Cut off the very top of the silver packaging (it just looks better)
Step 3: Throw that cut off piece into the recycling bin so your mom doesn't yell at you for leaving it on the counter for her to clean up
Step 4: Tie with your favorite curling ribbon
Step 5: Attach the balloons and proudly present your unique, edible, delicious gift

You will note that the foil is silver which allows for universal gifts- men, women, children, birthdays, holidays, baby showers....shall I continue? Love your foods, treat them with respect and they will do the same.

In the words of Julia Child 
"People who love to eat are always the best people

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