Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Do You Like Seinfeld & Pizza?

One of my favorite television sitcoms to watch was Seinfeld. I loved the dry humor, I loved the characters and I loved that much of what they talked about was what anyone would on any given day. But there was one episode that came to mind when gfJules asked if I wanted to post a review about her pizza crust mix- The Fusilli Jerry episode. For those of you who also watched Seinfeld, you know that this episode is where Kramer makes mini statues out of fusilli pasta for each person. (For those who didn't watch it, I recommend you binge-watch it right now!) So what do Seinfeld, pizza, fusilli and gfJules have in common? Well, mostly it's my strange blogger brain that picked up a random memory and attached it to one of my favorite curly-haired cooks, Jules Shepard. She asked to send pizza, we love pizza and in an instant, my #KitchenGeek voice said "Fusilli Jules". After all, growing up in New Jersey, I often found specialty pizza that had just about anything any everything on it, including pasta. Take a peek at what she looks like-

gfJules Pizza Crust Mix, Winona Pure Oil
Egg Replacer & Tinyada fusilli
Now ok, I know Fusilli Jules doesn't really look too much like gfJules (I'm sure Jules is like, "Uh yeah!") but have you ever tried to make a curly-haired pizza? It's not easy! Facial features on a pizza are difficult to get correct- the cheese melts and then it could cook to look slightly mad or even evil. Luckily, no matter how Fusilli Jules looks the pizza is, in my opinion, absolutely the BEST gluten free pizza crust mix ever! Seriously. Not just saying this because she sent it to me, not saying it because I feel obligated. If you know me, you know that I don't promote anything that I do not like, period. The extra proof- NutriSon (the world's pickiest eater with food allergies ever!) would not leave me alone while I was making it. Between the delicious aroma that teases you while you are patiently waiting, the taste and the perfect consistency- ooohhhhh my! As soon as you open the package for the dry mix, you can smell the goodness. When was the last time you said that about your current gluten free pizza mix?

Pizza Process I did make the mistake of not starting our pizzas earlier. The gfJules pizza crust mix is a process- it's a little more than just mix and bake. I did ask Jules if I could pre-make the crusts and freeze them for easier bake & eat going forward. Because, well, my kids are always freaking hungry and they still don't understand the concept of making food! Jules shared this link on how to do just that. (Thanks Jules, you rock!)  I also want to add that I successfully used egg replacer for the crusts for those of you who cannot cook with egg.

Eat & Save Jules was also kind enough to offer all of you a special promo code to order and save! Grab a value box of her Gluten Free Pizza Crust mix, enter code NutriPizza and save 34% off through June 30th.
For those of you who need easy, visual budgeting proof-

  • One value box of gfJules Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix is already marked down to $45.92
  • Apply "NutriPizza" and the price goes down to $30.00* 
  • Each value box of gfJules Gluten Free Pizza Crust mix contains approximately 8 (12 inch) pizza crusts
  • That equals $3.75 each pizza crust.  
* shipping and handling charges additional 

gfJules Gluten Free Vs. Regular Pizza
I decided to also test gfJules vs. your average regular, gluten-filled pizza with NutriDaughter. After all, one of the things I love most about good allergy-friendly products is to be able to share them with anyone (allergies or no allergies) and have them tell you how great they taste. The end result- NutriDaughter approved! It looks like I will definitely be making use of the NutriPizza promo code too ;) 

Test It And Tell Me
Don't take my word for it- order some and let me know what you think. I like honest feedback, I know Jules wants to know what everyone thinks so take the gfJules taste test. Save with promo code NutriPizza, host an end of school year, hello Summer, just because we want pizza pizza party! Leave a comment below and heck, order some for friends and family too (if you're really nice, you'll order it, make it, freeze it and then all they have to do it bake it). Right? ....wait, will anyone do that for me????

Plus, you don't want to have this happen ;)

Hugs to NutriSon's friend for posing

Thank you Jules for asking me to review your gluten free pizza crust! I will gladly do so any day, any time going forward as well ~

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