Monday, September 12, 2016

Land Snax From the Sea

How many of you would love to eat products that are healthier? (me, hand raised) How many of you spend a ton of time researching, asking questions, reading articles and compiling what you should and should not eat? (me, hand raised) And how many of you, after all of that time and effort, usually wind up not doing anything differently? (me, sometimes) The only question left is- why do we do this to ourselves?

SeaSnax offers Sheets, Chompers, StixSprinkles & more!

Lack of Product Know How
Sometimes, our abilities are stunted when we find a product but just don't know what to do with it. This is often the case if we..well, are just not into the product's texture or taste for whatever reason. This is normal- we are all different, prefer different things but why waste something just for that reason? You know me- Queen of Re purpose and that includes allergy friendly products. My most recent challenge- SeaSnax!

First, I want to thank SeaSnax for sending me samples of their Sheets and Chomperz- they even come in different flavors! Not sure about all of you, but I think having barbecue seaweed snacks is a definite easy way to integrate your taste and snack needs with a healthier choice. So what was my challenge? Let's begin with their Sheets. I am a visual person, I (think) most of us are so let me show you what a SeaSnax Sheet looks like. I received some of their Original Sheets and Lime Sheets. Their Sheets are paper thin and very delicate- they cannot fold, bend or roll without breaking. And I do warn everyone not to leave an open bag anywhere that you don't want an oil ring. The product's oils may not be very friendly for some of your furniture. Your best bet is to either use up an open bag at once, keep the container inside the foil bag or place the open items into a different airtight container or bag.

So, Nutrimom, What Do I Do With These? Glad you all asked! As I mentioned, the Sheets are very flimsy so they break apart easily. The taste is not too strong but I wasn't an initial fan of the Sheets. For me, they were not quite filling enough for me to consider them a snack BUT this is where my brain kicks in and say "What can I use these for?" I refuse to waste any product. The seaweed taste reminded me of a typical favorite bagel dish so I revamped it into a dairy free version that also utilizes the health benefits that the SeaSnax Sheets offers.

Bagel & No Lox
Similar to a bagel and lox with cream cheese but Vegan friendly and dairy free!

1 Package SeaSnax Sheets (I recommend Classic for this option)
1 Container Dairy Free Cream Cheese of your choice (I used GoVeggie Chive & Garlic)

Prep Time:   2 Minutes
Make Time:  3 Minutes

  1. Open a package of SeaSnax Sheets
  2. Remove a sheet and crumble it
  3. Open a container of dairy free cream cheese
  4. Beginning with one sheet, stir in crumbled SeaSnax Sheet
  5. Add more SeaSnax Sheets depending on desired flavor
  6. Refrigerate in an airtight container
  7. You may also use this as a dipping sauce
Serving sizes will vary

But I Like Crunch! Then I really think the SeaSnax Chomperz are a must for you to try. They have a unique look to them- almost like alien pods that have landed or a seeing eye that will read all of your thoughts. But I have to tell you, these crunchy little guys are really good!! Just like the Sheets, the SeaSnax Chomperz also contain healthy seaweed but it's surrounded by crunchy goodness for your most intense snack attack. Fun fact: seaweed is chock full of multiple minerals so one serving of seaweed would include calcium, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, potassium, selenium, sodium and zinc. Not too shabby for something that also tastes good. My suggestion- you can definitely eat these plain by the handful. OR, you can incorporate them into a new version of snacks mix. Just add your favorite flavor of Chomperz, bits of your other favorite pretzels, cereal, bread chips, etc. - voila! Another favorite snack item that has included the healthy benefits of seaweed. With football season, fall get togethers and back to school snacking in full force, SeaSnax Mix may just be the easiest, sneakiest snack yet. And, may I recommend dipping them in the recipe above? ;) Chomperz taste very little like seaweed but they do taste like similar crunchy products (to me, like Munchos or Bugles) but just a bit different. Sorry SeaSnax- not trying to steal your product's thunder- just trying to explain for those who need a similar taste to go by.

Research the Facts As always, I recommend everyone read the labels, check the product ingredients and make sure they are a safe product for your specific allergy needs. The SeaSnax Sheets contain seaweed and a have different varieties which also contain different spices (such as Wasabi, mustard, chipotle and onion) while the Chomperz contain other ingredients such as coconut. You can view a complete list of SeaSnax ingredients at

Additional Positive Tidbits SeaSnax products are Non-GMO certified and they are proudly parter, sponsor or support a bunch of wonderful organization because they are a company that believes in giving back (that's additional points in my book). All of this information can be seen here.

Have YOU tried SeaSnax?
Share your thoughts below and share this blog with others so they can munch healthy too!

As always, never any compensation except for the products themselves to review as all of my reviews are always honest.


  1. Replies
    1. I like to try to provide recipe ideas for everyone :)

  2. I love Sea Snax. One of my favs!

    1. I love the Chomperz- I feel like I'm eating something that's bad for me but I'm not :)

  3. Totally love these snax!! So much great health benefits from a little seaweed in our lives!

  4. I love those sheets! I was just thinking last week I need to add them into things other than just wraps and on top of Buddha bowls. Never tried Chomperz.

  5. We love SeaSnax in our home! Honestly, we just eat the sheets, I'd never thought to crumble them or use them in other tasty ways. Very cool.

  6. I actually like the sheets but you are right, they are not very filling. Last time I ate the whole package! I never heard of chomperz but now I will try and find them.