Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We Don't Need No Stinkin' St@rbucks

You may have noticed that your local coffee establishment offers seasonal beverages. And, most of you probably also noticed that they may not be items that you are able to purchase due to your food allergies or sensitivities. Plus, have you seen the price of just one of those "specialty" beverages?!! A quick Google search states a small beverage is $4.25...... add that up times however many times per week you might stop to purchase one and GASP!! Next thing you know, the holidays are here and you can't buy any gifts because you bought a bunch of those instead.

This can be fixed right now. Your budget can be made better right now. You can try one of these right now- but not at that coffee place, right in your own home. Within a matter of just minutes and steps into your kitchen, you can sip something tasty and wonderful for a fraction of the cost and without using extra gas. Plus- you know exactly what is going into it before you drink it. What am I talking about specifically? The seasonal Salted Caramel hot beverage.

Make Your Own Salted Caramel Pretzel Mocha 
(click above to download the recipe)

Brewed coffee of your choice with sugar added to taste
Whipped topping (I used So Delicious Coco Whip)  
Glutino Salted Caramel Pretzels, finely ground

Prep Time:  4 Minutes
  1. Add just a little more than half a cup of coffee to a mug
  2. Fill a frosting bag with whipped topping of your choice
  3. Squirt whipped topping onto the beverage in a circular motion
  4. Sprinkle with finely* ground Glutino Salted Caramel Pretzels
*I recommend finely ground to avoid getting mushy pretzel pieces stirred into your beverage

Serving sizes will vary

Let's Talk About the Savings
As I mentioned above, the average price of a small beverage of this kind when you purchase it us typically $4.25 each. When you use this recipe, you are paying what would be the approximate cost of three beverages for multiple servings. Confused? Here:

$5.00     Est. cost of store-bought coffee             
$4.39     Est. cost of So Delicious Coco Whip       
$3.99*   Est. cost of 1bag of Glutino Salted Caramel Pretzels
$13.38   Est. total cost of ingredients for multiple cups    

Approximate Cost when Purchased each time           $4.25
*Coupon Alert! See below for the link

See what I mean? Budget-friendly as well as allergy-friendly

How many of you are drooling right now?
How many of you have already checked your kitchen to see if you have all the ingredients?
How many of you already knew there is a $1 off Glutino coupon RIGHT HERE?!


  1. I'm not a coffee fan, but love the topping ideas that I could add to my hot cocoa.

  2. Holy wow! I didn't even know such a drink existed! Looks like a fun treat for coffee fans. Will keep this in mind for entertaining :)

  3. Isn't more fun to make your own anyway? Now that almond milk is in a lot of establishments the fancier the drink the more nervous I get.

    1. Plus using dairy free whipped topping- so much better :)

  4. I love a good way to save a buck or two. The whipped cream isn't a bad idea either!

  5. I don't even like coffee, but that sounds great!

    1. You could try the whipped topping & other on a dessert too ;)