Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What Doesn't Kill You May Kill You

Often, I write about how important seconds can be for someone'e life. I speak about it, I write about it, I advocate about it but still.....people are not listening. Let's cut to the chase because I pride myself on being the same person that you are reading that you may also meet in person someday. Ask people- it's true. When I make it a point to tell people that allergic reactions happen within seconds I do this because, no matter who you are, I want to help save you one day. I never, ever want to read an article that shares your name as someone who has succumbed to an allergic reaction because you were not prepared. And by prepared, I do not mean just avoiding the foods you are allergic too.

Information is STILL Useless Here I go, pulling up my soapbox again. I have tried to hide it, to bury it- but during the summer I found out two people that are near and dear to my heart do not carry an auto injector................ is it me? So I remain calm. I ask all of the relevant questions "What happened when you had a reaction?" "Did your throat close?" 'Did it effect your breathing" and last but never least "So, do you carry an auto injector?" THERE it is- the first response to my answer. The ducking for cover answer. The sheepish "Ohhh, I know my allergens so I just avoid them" Uh, no. Just No. To make it even more clear for those who are younger- kind of like the Meghan Trainor's song "NO". Really? REALLY?!!! FREAKING REALLY?????!!!

Why I Am Upset These people can die. They had a reaction or reactions and they lived. But next time, they can die. And I would be part of that because I knew they did not carry an auto injector. Person A is a family friend and Person B is a new friend that we met in the neighborhood over the summer. Both are equally important but they also have very different stories. Person A is retired and has found out why her body doesn't like certain foods. I get it. That's cool. However, there is a really, really big difference between a food that doesn't like you and it causes headaches versus "Yeah, my throat got really tight"... please, this is your life. How is your life not important to you if it's already really important to me? The reason for not carrying an auto injector- it costs too much money (cough, #Epigate) and it's too big and bulky. Mental note: next time I fill NutriSon's prescription, I will bring her one of our extras because I want her to live. And more importantly- I want her to want to live.

Person B is (drum roll please)....a doctor in the Emergency Room. Yes. A doctor. Who sees every possible thing that could mame, kill, bruise, etc. to anyone. This doctor has a wife who is allergic to seafood. The same answer "We just avoid the foods she is allergic too"... why? Why? Why? WHY?! It's the year 2016 and we still have doctors that do not understand that seconds count? That avoiding an allergic food may not be the entire answer. So what is the answer? How do we tell people that their spouse could die because they decided not to be prepared? Mental note for them- have them over, prepare safe foods and offer to help them get the appropriate auto injectors- stat.

Please Be Prepared- Even If You Don't Think You Need It Plain and simple, there is no other option. In life, there are a lot of "what if's" and I don't want anyone to be a "what if". I do not want anyone else to be featured on a news headline or be entered as a statistic- love yourself enough to make sure you are never,  ever in danger. Carry two auto injectors. Have extras at home. Do not leave them in the car or in the sun but do keep them in your purse. Think it's not fashion-worthy to carry an auto injector? Nether is being dead- plain and simple. Our community is in the middle of a crisis and we need to protect each other but honestly, it starts with you.

Show Me Your Auto Injector!

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