Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Potatoes Are Flat

Yes, potatoes are flat. I can even tell you that sweet potatoes are flat. Now before you freak out and try to prove me wrong, I have proof. They are flat, gluten free and you can use them in ways that you may not have thought possible. Still don't believe me?

Enter Potapas
This is what the flat potatoes are called (I didn't name them that, they came to me like that). Potapas is a brand of gluten free tortillas that are actually soft and pliable! And made of potatoes and sweet potatoes... I told you they were flat.

One Potato The original potato tortillas contain water, dehydrated potatoes, garbanzo bean flour, cassava flour, modified tapioca starch, non GMO canola oil (yay, non GMO!), chicory inulin fiber, potato starch, salt, konjac gum (that's a plant) and xanthan gum.

Two Potato
Did I mention there is also a sweet potato item too? These contain all of the same ingredients as the original plus sweet potato. See, two flat potatoes! Same rules apply but the sweet potato have just the tiniest hint of roasted vegetables once heated (well, to me anyway).

The key to these gluten free tortillas is to heat them before you eat them. But what is also fun is to make sure that everyone in your family gets their own Potapas so they don't eat yours! How does a typical food allergy mom do this? Easy, I did what is second nature- I labeled them.

Need mini letter cutouts? Get them here

The easiest trick in the book- label, wrap and pack. Then when someone grabs one and begins to open up the wrapping, their initial should let them know that it's theirs or not theirs. I do warn that because these tortillas are so tasty, some of your family members may choose to ignore the labeling and eat yours anyway. Another cool trick? You know how your food allergic child is always asking what a hot pocket tastes like? After you get done explaining how unhealthy those are, make them a better, allergy-friendly version to bring to school and make the other kids jealous of their lunch.

Potapas Pockets
Potapas Pockets
Super easy, you choose the ingredients and watch as your family devours them!
  1. Heat the tortillas as directed
  2. Lay the tortilla flat on a cutting board
  3. Add your choice of ingredients
  4. Make 6 cuts in the tortilla, leaving the center intact
  5. Fold the sides of the tortilla inward
  6. Lightly oil a glass dish
  7. Lay the side with all of the folded pieces facing down
  8. Bake at 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes

Other Observations

  • What do they look like? Prior to heating, they smell and look similar to a corn tortilla. Once they are cooked, they become bendable and don't break apart (yay, another win!)
  • How do they taste? They don't have much of a flavor at all (this is a good thing). That means you know your foods won't have any gummy, starchy after taste that you sometimes get with other gluten free tortillas. Way to go Potapas!  
  • Are they packable? YES!! I am happy to report that I tested this for all of you! I heated the tortilla, rolled up some tuna and left it in the fridge overnight. The tortillas were still soft!!! (For those of you reading this and who have never encountered trying to pack most gluten free tortillas, it can be a nightmare. Most of them have to be heated to be pliable and must be eaten right away or they get rock hard and break your teeth or they fall apart) 
My Only Wish
Dear Potapas people who made these wonderful tortillas....PLEASE make a larger size! I don't mind the smaller size but you have never seen how NutriKids can eat! I would love to have a bigger burrito size to have that much more Potapas tortilla to eat. So please, for the sake of all of those gluten free people out there that love your product and even for those who have not gotten to try your product, consider adding a larger flat potato of gluten free goodness to your product line. 

For those of you who are now dazzled by my post and are frantically Googling where to find Potapas tortillas simply click here for their store locator OR enter to win some before December 15th! Full details here so get to it.

Thank you Potapas for sending me your wonderful tortillas! I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will see these in my local stores in 2017. For more information be sure and visit them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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