Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Scoop on Litter Allergies

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A few months ago, our family took a leap of faith. After many years of being pet free and deciding to remain pet free after I saw how much NutriSon's asthma was reduced, we decided to adopt a cat. We researched which breeds were considered to be less allergenic and which cat would shed less. We even made several visits to our local animal adoption shelter to visit with our potential new family member as well as discuss the possibility of having to return our prospective adoptee if my son's allergy symptoms returned. After all, no matter how cute and loving a cat is, my son's health always comes first. Luckily, we found Sofi and my son has had no allergy or asthma symptoms. It seemed as if we had found our newest family member and saved a furry purry love in the process.

But Then, I Had Allergy Symptoms I keep her litter box in my office. At first, I thought I had a cold. Or maybe it was because we had turned the heat on (you know how those lovely air vents get after not being used for awhile). NOOOOOOOO!!!! I was freaking out! After making sure my son would not be at risk, I never even considered someone else being allergic to a cat. Especially not me- I grew up having cats all of my life. Was this a cruel joke from the Universe? I love this cat, WE love this cat and I was beside myself. Until one day I realized that when I moved downstairs to work, I felt better. Soon after, I had a sign from the same Universe that (I thought) was punishing me. I was scrolling through cat supplies and I came across a heading that caught my eye "Hypo Allergenic Cat Litter".

Epiphany: It's the Litter, NOT the Cat I tested it out and sure enough, whenever the cat came into my office to use the litter box, I got worse. I decided to see if using Dr. Elsey's cat litter would improve my sniffly situation. Dr. Elsey's boasts that their cat litter is 99.9% dust free, hypo-allergenic and has superior odor control. The box I got was the perfect amount to fill up the litter box. Is it weird that I got excited to try cat litter?! Well, even if it is, so be it- I'm ok with it. The very first thing that I noticed as I emptied the box of Dr. Elsey's cat litter- NO DUST! Like, none. Not on the cat box, not flying through the air and inhaling it- truly nothing. As a blogger, I later kicked myself for not taking a video because proof is in the picture but my word is good. 

Let's Get Up Close & Personal ..who knew I would ever say this about cat litter?! The cat litter granules are larger so it reduces tracking it through the house as well as added dust control. Larger litter means easier to vacuum up as well as less stuck inside of my carpeting (which will also reduce the chances of my previous allergy symptoms). Odor control- this worried me as I am hypersensitive to many smells and scents. Truly- if I go into Yankee Candle, I honestly feel as if my head will explode after it gets done pounding from the immense intake of perfumery. So the odor control was one area that I was thinking may give me a problem. The result with this- a lot less cat litter odor and a lot less sinus irritation. That's three for three (less dust, less clumps, less odors) and I worked happily for a week without any of my allergy symptoms. I was also thankful that I had figured out the culprit was the cat litter and not the cat... I also wonder how many other people (may) give up their cats thinking their allergy was the animal and not their products. 

Watch how Sofi reacted here

I'm Happy & Sad I was so thrilled to find this product for myself and my cat. I'm sure that it was no coincidence that Dr. Elsey's cat litter also helped with the decreased eye watering on my cat that quickly returned when I had to go back to another cat litter. I was saddened when I searched the online store locator and none of our local businesses carries Dr. Elsey's! They do offer online purchasing as well (phew! Awesome!) but until my order arrives, Sofi & I are both stuck with our allergy symptoms. Patience is not usually this blogger's strong point but I have to be satisfied with the fact that I found an item that does what it says it will do and that I do have some way of getting it again. Sending out unstuffy, tear-free hugs from myself and Sofi to Dr. Elsey's for sending us their litter and for providing a product that actually does what it says it will do.

Be sure to check out and browse their other items too (food, various cat litter products and a selection for your veterinarian). You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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