Monday, January 16, 2017

Is Medication-Free Pain Relief Possible?

As I have repeated several times over the past few years, I think outside of the box. I have also learned that food allergies and healthy living is more than just foods. Healthy living is about how to feed your body healthy too, not just your stomach. It never stops amazing me how much research continues to show that what you eat effects what your body does and how you feel. When you realize this, you can begin to take more control over your own health and healing. It (may) sound a bit earthy-crunchy and hokey but I wasn't this person twenty years ago. I was the person scoffing at the people who were saying these things to me. Life and situations forced me to learn the hard way for my own good.

Although everyone is different, one of the things that my food issues caused my body to become hypersensitive to medications. Even my doctor laughs at me when I remind him to give me baby doses of anything. Not such a bad thing to have happen unless you are given something that makes you feel uneasy then (for me) it's feeling uneasy times 100. This gives you a choice- to use medications or to work with your doctor who is awesome and understands that not everyone can use typical medications so together you seek alternative treatments. What's even more amazing is when you find a company who specializes in that exact train of thought.

A Light at the End of the Tunnel I was asked to try an item that relieves pain by using Pulsed Electromagnetic field (PEMF) to reduce pain. The OSKA Pulse product is a little larger than a computer mouse, it charges and then it's ready to go. The OSKA Pulse kit come with the handheld device, the charger cord and a flexible strip to help hold it in place (such as around your waist). With just a push of a button, it automatically times how long you have been using it and a gentle beep let's you know when your session has ended. There is no sound during when it's on so it's silent but it does give off a soft glow that looks kind of like a UFO. In fact, here's what it looks like:

                                                             Is your computer wonky?
                                                       Click here to watch the video now

Did It Work? This is the tough part for me as I am always honest with product reviews. I gave it to my mother to borrow for a week to try out. She looked and sounded hesitant but she has reoccurring back pain from sciatica that is worse when she sits. So she took it and later that day, I was surprised to get a call from her "This thing really works!". She did mention that for her pain she had to use it for a few sessions but she was really quite impressed and wanted to know how it worked to relieve the pain. I tried to explain as best as I could but after many questions, I gave in and just went with "It works and there are no side effects so do you need to know all of the details?" She agreed and I went about my day.

Then after sledding for a few days with the kids (which I found out is not a good thing for me to do anymore due to bulging discs) I found an opportunity to try out the OSKA Pulse myself. I tried it on and off for several days. I moved it around. I paid attention to the instructions which recommend that you use it away from items "that may have strong magnetic fields, such as microwaves or strong audio speakers" as the device may not work as well around these products. My experience with the OSKA Pulse- I did not notice a difference.

So What Now I will keep my OSKA Pulse and see if it works on different pain in the future. I thought about it and realized that A) not everyone's injuries are the same B) not everyone's healing processes are the same and C) I'm curious if the pain relief also depends on the type of injury that is being treated. My bulging disc did not seem to be helped but my mother's muscle pain was. Me being an optimist, I don't give up easily and I want to keep mine around and see what else it can help with in the future. If you are on the fence about trying one out, they do offer a return policy for those who are not satisfied with the product (here).

Are you curious? For your own OSKA Pulse visit them at or if you want to hang out and do some more research om them first before you decide, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what other fun facts you can learn about their product.  Many thanks to OSKA Wellness for thinking of me and asking me to review their product, I appreciate it.

As always, never any compensation except for the product themselves as all of my reviews are always honest.

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