Friday, April 14, 2017

Peanut Free Dessert Eggs

Growing up, most of us looked forward to those chocolate-covered peanut butter eggs. The creamy filling and the chocolaty goodness....but that was then and this is now. Flash forward to the year 2017 when I have a fifteen year old with multiple food allergies, one of which is peanuts. And although I know he isn't really missing out on the commercially-processed, sugar-filled candy that I grew up on, I still want him to feel like his food allergies don't make him miss out on anything. Over the years, I have adapted many recipes so that he could taste new things and not be the allergic kid at the party who always has weird food. The way I see it, my ingredients are healthier so regardless of his allergies, he's actually enjoying his treats on a healthier level compared to his friends and school mates that live on packaged items. Plus, mine are made with love :)

This year, Pascha Chocolate announced they have a dairy free white chocolate chips. Yup. My mouth dropped too. NutriSon has asked about white chocolate for years and now, it's here and he can eat it. There are just a few ingredients: organic cocoa butter, organic rice milk powder (rice syrup powder, rice starch, rice flour), organic cane sugar and organic vanilla. They are peanut free, nut free, wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free and soy free. So with Easter arriving, I turned to NutriDaughter and said "We have to try these. BUT I want to make them a little different...I want them to be chocolate on the inside and white chocolate on the outside."

White Chocolate vs. Chocolate Chocolate I want to make sure that everyone understands that Pascha's white chocolate chips are super easy to use. They melt easily BUT there are a few things that I noticed as I played around with this recipe. The first batch, I added palm oil shortening to the white chocolate chips as they melted- nope, not a good idea. The palm oil shortening was too oily and it thins the white chocolate chips out, making it more difficult to form a solid white chocolate coverage over a chocolate chocolate form. The easiest way to describe it is to show you-

Apologies for the bad lighting, my house lights are just plain sucky.

Our initial batch looked something like mini hamburgers that had melted cheese on them. This was easily fixed by allowing the first layer of white chocolate to cool,then dipping them a second time. Another key melting tip is NOT to use shortening while melting- just use 2-3 teaspoons of oil (less is more). The white chocolate was not as thin and looked more like butterscotch.

You may also notice that the Pascha white chocolate spreads out a lot more easily than chocolate chocolate. If you are like me, you want an egg to look like an egg. This was easily fixed as well- gently break off the sides once they are firm and keep them to top anything and everything you can think of or just eat them plain. Waste nothing! Especially with food allergies- the budget gets a little tight and with the holiday here, there's more treats to be made, more allergy-friendly items to fill baskets and eggs so yeah, budget and save, save, save. Maybe the Easter bunny will enjoy a small baggie of white chocolate pieces.

What began as one recipe turned into two recipes (I love when that happens).

(White Chocolate)
¼ Cup dairy free butter
¼ Cup brown sugar
1 Cup confectioners’ sugar
½ Jar peanut-free spread of your choice (I recommend SunButter)
1 ½ Teaspoons vanilla extract
¼ Cup allergy-friendly chocolate chips (I recommend Enjoy Life Foods)
½ Bag dairy free white chocolate chips (such as Pascha)
2-3 Teaspoons spray oil (I recommend Winona Pure Oil)
*Optional cover with sprinkles or drizzle with chocolate

Prep Time:        15 Minutes
No Bake Time:  45 Minutes

1.       Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper and set it aside
2.       In a medium pot on low heat, combine the dairy free butter and brown sugar
3.       Stir continuously to avoid clumping or burning
4.       Once melted, add the confectioners’ sugar, peanut-free spread and vanilla
5.       Remove from heat
6.       Mix in the chocolate chips (this must be done AFTER heating to avoid the inside becoming to firm)
7.       Form into small, egg-shapes
8.       Place on the prepared baking sheet and cool in the refrigerator or freezer until firm
9.       Once firm, melt the white chocolate chips and oil in a small pot
10.   Place the formed eggs into the melted chocolate
11.   Place them back onto the lined baking sheet to cool completely in the refrigerator or freezer until firm
12.   Repeat with an additional layer of melted white chocolate for best results

AAANNNDDD, for those of you who love white chocolate AND chocolate chocolate, you can have BOTH! 
(Double Chocolate)
Simply follow the recipe above, adding an additional coat of allergy-friendly chocolate on the outside

Serving sizes will vary

Wishing everyone a safe, happy holiday weekend. If you're going to cook and eat, do it with fun, flavor and flare. 

Disclaimer- I was not compensated by Pascha Chocolate to write this post or create these recipes. I simply wanted to share with everyone ~

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