Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Peanut Free, Silky-Smooth, Sign Me Up!

Photo courtesy of Barney Butter
NutriSon is peanut allergic (among other things) so obviously, we utilize products that are peanut-free. He is NOT allergic to almonds (which, I admit, was confusing even for me in the beginning but don't knock it if it's another food that can be eaten). For many years, I tried several different brands of almond butters. I was not impressed by 99% of them at all. I remember looking into the jars thinking "Why is it all so crunchy and gritty and why is there so much oil in there?!" OR there was also the opposite- "Why is this so dry?! I can't even stir it!"

Another difficulty I had was finding an almond butter that was almond-only. If you read nut butter labels, most often they are processed in a facility with one or more other nuts or may contain one or more other nuts. Warning labels means off-limits for NutriSon.  It was one of those battles that I chalked up as this is just how almond butter is supposed to be. Right? WRONG! Somewhere along the journey, I came across Barney Butter. No, this was not related in any way, shape or form to that annoying purple dinosaur (sorry Barney fans...we aren't one of you) but it is the number one almond-only product that we have used for many, many years. Not only do they have a bunch of varieties, they also carry almonds and almond flour - BOTH almond only as well.

During my mission to share products that I love, I thought it would be fun to make a video to show everyone why Barney Butter is our #1. Many people simply accept that their gritty almond butter is ok but I am taking a stand and saying you don't have to eat gritty, oily almond butter anymore. You CAN have smooth, delicious almond butter and Barney Butter is the one to show you why. Watch and see why I am being so insistent-

(is your technology fussy? Click here to view it now!)

New Products Can Be Scary but if you are still unsure, I have a promo code so that you can give it a try for less money... I am good like that. Visit BarneyButter.com, choose your items and use code Tracy20 to save 20%. Besides being peanut-free, Barney Butter is also gluten free, Kosher, Vegan, Non GMO* and they have eco-friendly missions that they adhere to so that what they are feeding all of us is not only healthy but is helping the environment at the same time. 

Barney Butter can be stirred, spread, mixed into, baked into, heated or just plain taken right off the spoon. Give them a visit and see why you will never eat another almond butter except for Barney Butter again. Don't forget to share the video and the coupon so others can learn and save too!

*All but Honey + Flax are Non GMO Verified

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