Thursday, April 27, 2017

Safe Food in Minutes

I admit, even though I do a lot with social media, I have never really been a huge app person. I know, I know- many of you are gasping in disbelief or shaking your head but I'm just not. The few apps that I do utilize are the apps that made enough of a positive influence on me to use them. The one I am most interested in sharing is a food app called DineSafeApp.

Why DineSafeApp? This app is two-fold; it is for both those looking to dine and for restaurants/resorts/eateries as well. The app goes hand-in-hand to give consumers the ability to know what's in their foods as well as giving the dining spots the step-up in the food world, giving instant access to show their customers what they are eating just with a single swipe of the finger. I can write about all of the functions but honestly, I thought showing you would be more helpful. Especially if you are new to the app world, I am sharing what will pop up on each screen during your download process. Let's do this!

You will notice that DineSafeApp includes much more than just the top 8 allergens

Got a safe, allergy-friendly eatery? Tell them to join now!

 (Chipotle was chosen for this article solely because NutriFamily loves them. It was not a sponsored placement on their part.)

Super easy and super simple (which, I think I can safely say, is what we are all looking for). Install it once and begin choosing where your next dining experience will be.

What Next? There are a few options, choose one or choose them all.

  • You can visit 
  • Download the DineSafeApp onto your device
  • Share the DineSafeApp information with anyone who you think needs it
  • Recommend your favorite, safe dining spots to join DineSafeApp- they should be telling everyone how much they do to keep their customers safe

Food is everywhere, always and we need to eat safely. Why not use the tools available to know what's in your food before you even get there.

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*this is a Sponsored post by DineSafeApp

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