Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Light of Your Life Could Be Hurting You

Over the years, I have researched multiple factors that foods have on our overall health. I have learned that our bodies react on so many different levels that it's almost breath taking. I have learned that other factors also effect our bodies and to try to achieve optimal health, we need to put the puzzle pieces together. This means that we have to think beyond just our food. What is found in your surroundings can even be one of those pieces. Unsure of what I'm getting at? Let me try to explain it because we all deserve to figure out how to feel better every single day.

Cortisol Just as an FYI cortisol is a big part of what goes on in your body. It needs to be balanced just like the other areas or it will also decide to act out. Cortisol acts as a regulator and effects or helps to control things such as histamine. When your body is stressed, (ex: when you eat an offending food) cortisol helps to reduce the inflammation by suppressing the immune system (this is NOT a treatment for an allergic reaction). If your body is on high stress mode and produces increased amounts of cortisol, this can put your body into overload or exhaustion mode. My point: if you are overly stressed, always bombarding your body with various stressors, then there is a greater chance that you will push yourself into adrenal fatigue.

Melatonin Studies have supported the idea that melatonin has multiple benefits as well. This is a natural hormone secreted by your body that is also fragile. If your melatonin is too high or too low, it can begin to show in other areas of your daily and nightly life patterns. There has also been mention that food allergies are a common sleep interrupter. With more and more people wanting to become knowledgeable about their foods, how they are effected by foods and how to regain control over the effect of their foods, things like food triggers are also becoming an important part of their personal research. Doctors are becoming better at listening to us but sometimes, many of us feel it is necessary to figure out our own health plan.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel This brings me to a product that I found out about- Wake Up Lights. It may sound corny to some of you but I feel the difference during the week when I am jolted out of bed to the sound of that annoying alarm buzzer vs. the weekend when I wake up to the sunlight so I am truly curious about this! Unlike a regular alarm clock, the wake-up light is supposed to help you feel more energized by helping you wake up in a more natural way. The sunrise simulation is said to help your body increase cortisol (the hormone that eventually helps you wake up) while also helping you control your melatonin level and reduce it in the morning. For those who are visual (me, that's me!!) watch how it works- I may be a geek but it's pretty intriguing.

Choices Since we have different budgets, I was happy to see there are several different options for this product. There are some differences for the prices but all of them are options that could be for just about anyone.
  • Philips HF3520 This model offers the most features for it's price. Pro's: no need to change the LED bulb, includes an FM radio and has an adjustable brightness level.
  • Philips HF3505 A bit better on the pricing end. Pro's: Very easy to use and also includes an FM radio.
  • Lumie Body Clock Active 250 made by Lumie - a company that produces wake up alarms and sad lights (yes, this is a thing too!). Pro's: includes a backup battery and a one year warranty.
I admit, I am intrigued and am considering giving one of these items a try. Especially with the Fall mornings waking me up while it's pitch dark outside- ugh! If this will help me wake up in a better mood and offer more support to keep my inner self balanced with my outer self, I am game. Please remember that this may not be something that works for you but I love to share new products that could make a difference to someone. Everything is an option. There are additional models and companies available so be sure to read reviews and get more information before buying your wake up light. 

Has anyone tried any of these products? 
What was your experience (good or bad)?

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