Monday, March 12, 2018

Bloomfield Farms Blows My Mind

You all know that I share openly and honestly. I've stated that with ALL products, allergy-friendly or not, there are good products and there are just plain crappy products. Life is too short to eat crappy products, right? And bread....oh my goodness, if I could have just one thing that tasted exactly like my foods before food allergies, I would say bread. So simple but so very true. We all know- even Oprah loves it. Then a few weeks ago, I was asked if I wanted to try a loaf of Bloomfield Farms Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread. I agreed but honestly, the words Vegan bread kind of scare me whenever I see them. I tend to immediately picture something that's heavy, seedy and healthy but just not something that I would continue to eat on a daily basis. But oh my Bloomfield Farms- you ROCKED my bread world!

Smell This may seem weird but I the first thing that I do with any food is smell it. Let's face it, if you open a package and the smell turns you off no matter how good it tastes, how would you even share it then? "Yeah, I tried this and it smells really weird but here, taste it."....uh, not gonna fly. Luckily, the smell was the very first thing that I noticed when I opened my loaf. Do you remember making sandwiches when you were little and there was that nice bread smell? I am happy to share that it's tucked into every loaf of Bloomfield Farms. 

The BEST SunButter & jelly I've had in awhile!

Texture Unlike many other allergy-friendly bread products, their White Sandwich Bread is soft just like regular bread and it's moist but not soggy. (For those of you new to Vegan or gluten free breads, this is a huge thing to overcome with these products. Usually, most of them are either firmer than what you had hoped or are kind of gummy.) Even their crust is good! Oh mouth is watering just thinking about it! Seriously! Plus- no after taste, just bread taste. 

Grilled vs. a Plain Sammie Ok, I admit making a simple SunButter & jelly sandwich was heavenly with this bread. Seriously. To conduct a thorough product review, I wanted to savor Bloomfield Farms in all forms. Because being able to have a sandwich that you can pack and go and it still stays soft and moist is amazing. I wanted to see how these slices held up to grilling. Testing areas included seeing if the bread became too hard or chewy upon grilling and if the taste changed at all (again, bread with icky after taste is off-putting). The verdict? OH.MY.GAWH Bloomfield Farms...can you come live next door to me so I can live on your bread?! You remember how I mentioned the crust was even good- when it's grilled, it's similar to crusty Italian bread but slightly crispy with a bit of a tenderness on the inside. Oooohhh....I am drooling on my keyboard again. I told you I like bread. 

Toasted Yes, I toasted it too. You make think this step was not relevant since I grilled it but a good bread tester knows some of us just prefer a piece of toast. Toasting these bad boys gave me similar results as grilling which surprised me a bit. The bread still stayed crispy yet tender on the inside. 

The Ultimate Bread Test This is a biggie. One factor that is utterly important, especially when you (most likely) have to mail order a product and know you cannot use it up as long as it will last- freezing. How many times have you put your allergy-friendly products into the freezer only to have them crumble, fall apart upon using them or just get plain gross and stale? Bloomfield Farms passed the freezing test with flying colors. I tried freezing it, then toasting it first. I also froze it, then thawed it in the fridge and prepared it as a packable sandwich. BOTH turned out with the same results- the bread was STILL soft and tasted great. This is like miracle bread. I know I must sound corny right now but come on fellow foodies, you totally get me right? 

Frozen & prepared- STILL amazing!
The Only Downside There is always some kind of downside, no matter how large or small, right? But this is a good downside...does that make sense? The only way to get a loaf of Bloomfield Farms Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread is to order it. MOST often, they are sold out but after trying it, this is completely understandable. For convenience sake, click here to see if you can buy some now. If you are on their website, you must find the photo of the bread in the slider pictures and click on it to order it. You will notice that Bloomfield Farms also offers baking mixes but I didn't get to try those.

Ingredients Because that is always one of the most important things! Water, modified tapioca starch, white rice flour, potato starch, corn starch, palm oil, evaporated cane juice, contains less than 2% of each of the following: millet flour, dried yeast (yeast, sorbitan monostearate), modified cellulose, canola oil, sea salt, sorghum flour, xanthan gum, guar gum, rice bran extract, cultured dextrose, calcium sulfate, enzymes, ascorbic acid.  Bloomfield Farms is Certified gluten free from the Celiac Support Association, made in a dedicated gluten and nut free facility and is free of wheat, soy, nut, egg and dairy.  

A huge HUGE bready, carby happy blogger hug to Bloomfield Farms for sending this loaf of love to me (please feel free to send me any and all extras, leftovers/rejects). To find out more visit them at and give them a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

*Never any compensation except for the products themselves to review as all of my reviews are always honest 

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