Thursday, September 12, 2013

Celiac Awareness Giveaway

How many of you know that Friday, September 13th is 
National Celiac Awareness Day? 

I do, I do! Last year, LUNA Bar was kind enough to send me some helpful tips (previous post) but this year, they did one even better. They sent out some of their awesome bars for me to sample AND they will be sending one of my lucky giveaway winners a package of their very own! A win-win situation, right? I'm happy, someone else out there will be happy, all is good in the world again. Look at the trio of gluten free happiness, who says eating gluten free is boring?!

Until recently, I have never been a huge fan of protein bars but LUNA Bars seem to have changed my mind. I tried them last year for the first time in May and I have been hooked ever since. The first time I did a product review (click here), I was apprehensive but pleasantly surprised. I even had to fight with my daughter over who would get the rest of the bars. This time when they arrived, I did the smart thing and hid them all...mine, mine, mine. (I am picturing the seagulls from Finding Nemo, are you?) There is no after-taste, no dry, chalky texture- just a treat-like satisfying bar. Yum! I was given Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Peanut Butter (no booing or hissing, only my son is peanut-allergic!) but there are other varieties to try out too. Not nut free but certainly a good snack for those who are gluten free. I would also like to send a big thank you out to LUNA Bar for sending me samples for my FARE Food Allergy Walk-they were very well enjoyed.**

SO, What About the Giveaway Already?!!!!

I was just getting to that. Here is the easy info-
I like to share, I like to give back to those who have been a part of what I do, I just like to be a part spreading awareness. What does this mean for you? FREE STUFF!!!! Just for being awesome, for helping me feel that what I do is the right thing and for being a part of my extended family.

The Rules
This giveaway is open to ALL (just please understand that some products may not be allergy specific for you therefore I recommend that you always check the ingredients and labeling to play it safe).

To enter, simply send an email with your name and mailing information to (yup, that's it!). The giveaway will run from Friday September 13th through Monday September 16th. Each day, I will choose a winner and announce it on my blog and Facebook page. I encourage you to share because, as I mentioned, the contest is open to everyone (even if you are not a page member). Please note that all personal information is kept confidential and I will never share or sell your information to anyone.

What Kinds of Goodies Do We Get? 
Well, THAT will be my little secret. Obviously, I mentioned LUNA Bars and I also mentioned a great new product Caja Popcorn (product review to follow shortly) but I have a multitude of items so it could be anything. You won't know unless you enter to win so get to it! Good luck to all of you~

**I would also like to say that the LUNA Bar product was sent free of charge and that the opinions I have expressed are mine and mine alone

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