Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No Nuts Not EVER

I recently helped announce Skeeter Snacks "No Nuts About It Pin it & Win It" promotion (click here if you missed it). You know that I always emphasize sharing is caring but then Skeeter Snacks did me one better- they shared with me! Aww, they do care! (hugs) I was even more excited when a big package arrived with so many goodies inside. Who knew that nut free snacks could make a woman so happy? (well, there was chocolate involved so need I say more?) The cute and fuzzy squirrel didn't hurt either.

Speaking of Chocolate... guess what I was drawn to trying first? Chocolate, right? (Men, just an fyi- chocolate and diamonds always make a woman feel loved). But the big dilemma? I had Chocolate Chunk cookies and I had Chocolate Chip Minis....the agony of decision. I think the word "chunk"persuaded me as I was drawn to it, ripping open the package. Definitely a good decision- the cookies have a good texture, are chocolaty and almost a bit creamy. As you can clearly see, an abundance of chocolate (thus, the name). Overall, that familiar crunchy, crumbly cookie that we all know and love minus the possibility of nuts.

Taking a CINNful Bite... Did I mention the Cinnamon Grahams? Mmmmm, mmmm, mmm! A cup of tea, a handful of these crunchy little cinnamon flavored squirrels (sorry Skeeter!) and my tummy was happy. I dare say they are even slightly addictive as I found myself sneaking back to have the rest before others could eat the rest. The crunchy, slightly sweet taste mixed with a tinge of cinnamon was just what I needed on the freezing cold day that snuck up on us.

Chipper ending... Ok, so chocolate is always good but sometimes, you just need a taste rather than a lot. The Chocolate Chip Minis were the perfect grab and go chocolate fix. The smaller size makes it easy to have a one-bite snack (or two, maybe even three). These are also lunch bag size for those little munchkins who like sweet surprises packed each day.

Overall, a great tasting nut free line of snacks. As an allergen warning, I do have to caution that the products do contain wheat, milk, egg and soy. As always, I advise that everyone check labels to be cautious with their own specific allergies.

And now, the GREAT NEWS!!!

Since Skeeter Snacks has shared and cared, I would like to do the same. I was sent several packages from Skeeter Snacks and you could be eligible to have them sent to you, sound good? To enter, simply comment on my Facebook page for this post and tag @Skeeter Snacks. The winner will be chosen on Sunday, November 3rd. This giveaway is open to all so please share. After all, sharing is caring! (except for the fuzzy squirrel...my daughter is not ready to share him with anyone!)

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