Friday, January 24, 2014

Found: Winona Pure Oils Winner

And the moment you have all been waiting for, the announcement of who found Winona for this month's giveaway of "Where's Winona?" And the winner is................ (record scratch)

Before I announce, I would like to let you know that not only do I appreciate all of you who have entered and shared the giveaway information with others but also Winona Pure Oils for giving me the opportunity to do this for them. As always, I know that without all of you here with me, I would not be where I am. That includes the winner who happens to be-

photo courtesy
photo courtesy

Wait, I didn't show you where the Winona Pure Sunflower Oil Spray was hidden, did I? Well, goodness, I don't know what I am thinking, can't forget to do that!! I mean, what kind of host do you think I would be if I didn't give all of the details, right? I mean, I know that it's been so utterly cold and drab outside and studies have shown that people can have symptoms similar to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) during the winter months due to low vitamin d exposure which could lead to foggy thinking and unclear though patterns. And you would think that this would make me say to myself "Hey, what are you doing here? Details, we need details woman and NOW!" Like, you would think that these would just automatically pop into my head as I am typing so that you, my beloved blog and page followers would feel as if they were getting more insight as to how my mind is thinking, where we are going with these giveaways, how they even jumped into my head at all and if so....................... have I tormented you long enough? Are you actually reading all of this or have most of you skimmed down to the winner? And then there are others who are just about to say "What is she even talking about?!"

I am proud to announce that 

Rachel Starchman 

is this month's winner!! 

Rachel will receive a 3 pack of Sunflower Spray sent right to her home.

Reminder: There will be one more "Where's Winona?" giveaway next month so stay tuned for details. Don't give up if you haven't won- you have to enter to win, right?  For more information on the complete line of Winona Pure Oils products, please visit them online or visit their Facebook page (click here) and let them know that Nutrimom sent you (you know, that crazy blogger chick).

PS: So....where was it?! Here is where I hid the can of sunflower oil ~


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    1. You are very welcome, Rachel! I have your shipping information so be on the lookout for your package. Thanks for entering and for being a part of what I do! ~ Tracy