Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nutrimom Has a Dirty Mouth Or..is it Clean?

Recently, I was browsing through some of my favorite sites and I noticed an item called Earthpaste. Earthpaste is a natural toothpaste made from (you guessed it) clay from the earth as well as a few other natural ingredients. After reading so many facts on how fluoride and added coloring is not what should a part of our lifestyle, I was intrigued. Now, part of me was a bit hesitant because let's face it- I am literally brushing my teeth with dirt, so to speak. But I decided to request a product review from Earthpaste and what I received was a pleasant surprise indeed.

I got a response from a Kimberly at Redmond Trading who said she would be happy to send me some samples. But wow, what a surprise when I got a box full of great products!

Not only did I get Lemon Twist and Wintergreen Earthpaste with a Mud Mouth squeezer but I also got Facial Mud, Bath Salt Plus, Clay Powder, Sea Salt, Onion Salt, Garlic Salt and Season Salt. Imagine my delight upon opening up a box, expecting just Earthpaste and receiving such a plethora of items.

So, where to start? How do I choose? It started simply- I had stared at the Earthpaste for a few days, a bit hesitant but then I took the plunge. I imagined the worst- feeling gritty, horrible taste, dry heaving but guess what- none of this happened! There is no gritty texture to it at all. Earthpaste is actually just as smooth as regular toothpaste. It is almost, well, creamy dare I say? The visual does throw you off a bit but my teeth feel like I am going to the dentist daily. And it could just be me but I swear they are shinier as well. The wintergreen is nice but the lemon is also pleasing (I was thinking it would taste like Lemon Pledge- wrong!) My only dilemma using Earthpaste is the the few times that I squirted it onto my toothbrush only to watch it slump onto the floor. What a waste. (frowny face)

Next was the Facial Mud. I honestly cannot remember when I have had a facial or used a face mask and especially my age (eh-hem, 40), I really should have a beauty routine. So my husband was lucky enough to come home after a hard day's work just in time to see me with my hair treatment on and my Facial Mud. Tell me that every man doesn't want some of this?

Egad!!! I know I am not and never will be "naturally pretty" but I am always honest so I decided to bite the bullet and just share. Some day, when I am truly famous, you will see this photo in an issue of The Inquirer under Celebrities Without Makeup. As I digress, back to the results. You can see that this mud mask stayed a lighter, almost ashy color. While I was applying it, I thought for sure that it would be a dark, well mud color. Nope- just a little light coating. And unlike most facial items, it did not get so tight that I felt as if I just had my jaw wired. My skin tightened comfortably but not to an extreme. The result- baby-smooth skin that I tried not to keep touching the rest of the night. Fabulous! Definitely on my beauty routine list from now on.

And still, there were more items to try! Is it sad that I love doing product reviews? I may be slightly obsessed but keep that a secret between you and I. While cooking, I grabbed the Garlic Salt. I eyed the container, noticing the crystals and colors- not your normal garlic salt that you see from your local food store. In fact, I decided to show you a side-by-side comparison:

Can you guess? The left side is your typical local food store-bought garlic salt while the right is Redmond's Garlic Salt. Do you see how Redmond's has crystals of colors and doesn't look like it's been sitting a shelf for ten years?
Exactly! Just two ingredients- salt and garlic, that's it. Nothing to "prevent caking", no MSG, no chemicals- just pure. This makes me happy. (unseen happy dance)

The Onion Salt was the same- crystals of flavor and simply onion and salt. The Onion Salt was good- not a strong flavor but just as flavorful as any other onion product. Can we say yay for all natural? Yes, we can!

Now, I've had these products for a few weeks but I got to try out the Season Salt for my romantic Valentine's Day dinner on the steaks that we cooked. Talk about the perfect combination of the right flavors...I am drooling again just thinking about it. For those of you who don't follow my Facebook page, this was what my dinner looked like ~

Due to the snow and ice, we were home bound but I can say now that it was a blessing in disguise. Tasty food seasoned perfectly in front of a fire - I am a hopeless romantic, forever. I can't even describe how great the steaks were just that I have no need for any other spices from now on.

Another kind of pet-peevey" thing that I liked about the spices- the tops. They are similar to other spice tops in that they need to be turned to open the jar. However, what I liked the most (being a food allergy mom) is that you turn it on the side of the top, not the top portion that could touch your foods. So even though I am a bit OCD about hand washing now, I know that nothing will be rubbing against the top of the spice containers and causing a possible cross-contamination issue. Silly but very important. Thanks Redmond, you get extra kuddos!

And last but definitely the most needed, especially after much unexpected snow, ice and extra days home with the kids was the Bath Salt Plus. Did I have to clean out the tub myself? Well, married ladies...do I even need to answer this for you? Was it worth it? Ahhhhhhh! Nice, hot, long, uninterrupted tubby! Just me, some candles, bath salts and a nice book.

Just a fast and most-likely a bit of "over-sharing" but make sure you use the bathroom before you slide into that tub. Not only does it waste a good tub when you have to get out and get back in (not to mention the sliding on the seat and the toilet paper sticking to your wet butt!) but also because the bath is releasing toxins from your body and if you don't empty, you will feel it come over you. Just sayin'. As far as the Bath Salt - it almost made my bath water feel soft, if that's possible. And scooping it out, you will be worried about the red grains sitting on the bottom of your tub but they very easily slide right down the drain with a little extra swishing of water so no worries. I also want to say thank you to Redmond Trading Company for sending these bath salts to me because it reminded me that it's just as important to take some "me time" to stay relaxed and on track. And relaxed I was- I was gloriously mushy, if that makes sense.

There was just one thing missing and it's more of a request than a complaint. After my wonderful tub, I sleepily crawled out and slumped down the stairs to join my family. Then, I saw the kitchen....

Redmond, I ask you, can you send something along to help me out with this? Ugh! It reminds my of one of my past blogposts.

There was one item that I was sent but have not tried. At least, not yet - the Redmond Clay which is a dietary supplement. Why have I not tried it? It's certainly not because I think it will hurt me but because I am using a specific digestive and supplement protocol recommended by my physician and I am successful with it. As with anything, just because something is natural does not mean that there may not be side effects or interactions with other supplements that you are using. So for safety sake, at least for now, I need to hold off and wait until after I discuss this one with my doctor. Apologies Redmond Trading Company- I truly do appreciate all of the items so I hope this is not offensive to you.

My overall opinion of what I did try? I absolutely loved all of the products. I like the fact that all of the spices are natural and don't contain any other added or harmful ingredients and they are organic (another plus!).

Wondering about allergens and cross-contamination? No worries- as per their company representative "No allergens - Just pure salt and clay. We produce on dedicated lines, and even have our seasons produced in an organic seasoning facility in Nevada so that we don't cross contaminate our pure salt lines. All of our products are gluten free and as far as corn is concerned, the xylitol used in Earthpaste can be corn or birch derived, but all is certified non-GMO. We have the Spearmint Xylitol free version of Earthpaste for those concerned about Xylitol."

 I am definitely not going to use any other toothpaste from this day forward either, why would I? I am officially a "Mud Mouth" and proud of it. Besides, what better way to earn the reputation of having a dirty mouth?

For more information on their full line of products, please visit www.Earthpaste.com and www.RedmondTrading.com. Make sure you also stop by their Facebook pages  (Earthpaste click HERE and Redmond Trading click HERE) and give them a like as well. Let them know that Nutrimom sent you. Who knows, maybe you will have a dirty mouth too.

*The opinions contained in this review are my own personal opinions based on what I found during my product review. I was not compensated in any way by Earthpaste or Redmond Trading Company for these comments.

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