Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I am Naturally Clean

You just read the title, so are you wondering what the heck I am going to write about now? Ha, good!

You know that I am always researching new products and trying to find items that we can use to stay on the healthier side of our every day lives. A few weeks back, I was asked to review a product produced by Green Virgin Products called Soap Nuts Liquid, which was a natural liquid laundry detergent (click HERE if you missed the original post). Most recently, they have sent me two more items to see what my thoughts were on them as well.

Mineral Salts Deodorant Stone Yes, you read that correctly- a stone that is made from mineral salts that you use in place of your typical deodorant. I have to admit that this one kind even made me look at it for awhile and think "Hmmm, is this just a little too over-the-top?" but I quickly realized that I must heed my own advice. The only way to prove if the claim is right or wrong is to try it out. There are no side effects so there's no reason not to try it. Just to be safe, my first day started on a weekend when I would be home (just in case I was a little on the stinkier side). At first, I did notice that I still had a bit of an odor but after reading the product information that stated your body may need a few days to completely get rid of the usual deodorant, I stuck to it.

For a week straight, I used it. Each day, I wet it (yes, you wet it just a bit and then apply. I had to also get used to that as I was never a fan of liquid deodorant anyway..blah! Wet pits..blah!) and continued to use it. And each day, I was pleasantly surprised that I had no odor. I am curious if anyone caught me sniffing my armpits during this time period...just so attractive, right? Then I had a big day come up and I wanted to give it the ultimate test of sweating. I was asked to be on a MyFox8 news segment- talk about a moment to instantly sweat! Exciting yes but also nerve-wracking. But again- I was pleasantly surprised and no odor! (Yep, I can hear them talking now- Hey, did you catch Nutrimom smelling her armpits in the parking lot after the show today?) I may have looked calm but I was definitely sweating quietly (view HERE).

My overall final thoughts on the Deodorant Stone- a definite keeper. It's natural, there's no worry about the chemicals that are in store-bought deodorants and have you ever noticed that white, clumpy build-up that you get from deodorant? No more of that either. No more marks on my clothing, no stains and an instant change to upgrade my health going forward. And, the stone is reported to last for two years or longer- can we say very budget-friendly as well? I'm keeping it and I am going to order more for the rest of my family because I think proactively- this change today will change our family's health tomorrow. I do have one worry....I wonder how this will work during airport travel? The stones are a bit heavier and I wonder if airport security will wonder if I am going to use it for a weapon? Just a random thought.

Soap Nut & Moringa Bar Soap Green Virgin Products also sent me an all natural soap to try as well. As you can see, the soap is an earthy kind of deep green- visually appealing (I feel). Note the dragonfly imprint (oooh, ahhhh). Much like their Soap Nuts Liquid that I tried for the washing machine, there is not much of a lather compared to other soaps. I am a lathery-kind-of-person with my little scrubby gloves in the morning but once I adapted to less lather, I noticed that the end result was even better than my usual soap. I felt squeaky clean (literally) but I also noticed that my skin was much less dry than normal and felt smoother (It must be a Soap Nut thing because I also noticed that our clothes felt softer while trying  out the liquid).

The scent is pleasant- not a strong smell and it's almost like a faint, woody earthy smell. This is a plus for me since I have allergic issues with strong scents. And oddly enough, the bar did not break in half . Come on, haven't you ever wondered why your soap always breaks in half and then what do you do? You throw it away. Waste.

Another test for me was shaving with it. I was curious since the lather wasn't as lively how my legs would react to such conditions. I am happy to report that this challenge was also happily won. There was no build-up, my skin was not dry and honestly, I almost thought about not even using lotion but that is one thing that I just cannot skip each day. (Psst! Green Virgin products, can you whip me up a lotion? That will be 5% new product idea please but I will also be happy to discuss lifelong product as well). So would I continue to use it? Yes, absolutely. My only hope is that I can get a few local stores to carry their items because I have a personal pet peeve about ordering online.

Thank you to Green Virgin Products for asking me to review their items, I appreciate it and enjoyed them completely. As always, I do not get compensated for my product reviews (other than product themselves) as my opinions are my own and they are always truthful, good or bad. For more information on these products as well as their other items that are available, please visit http://greenvirginproducts.com and let them know that Nutrimom sent you.

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  1. After-thoughts: You (may) need to reapply the deodorant stone and you may also notice that the stone itself smells like body odor but I have found this does not transfer to your skins ;)