Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Easy, Elegant & Gluten Free

Let's talk about May- Did you know that the month of May is full of many wonderful food allergy awareness movements? The entire month of May is Celiac and Asthma Awareness Month and the week of May 10-16th is Food Allergy Awareness Week. Of course, my favorite is May 10th - Mother's Day. Too often, food allergies and sensitivities are seen by others as a burden, as an inconvenience- even as a curse. What can you do to help make others aware that adjusting your foods can actually be delicious and just as easy to prepare as any other food? The first step in accomplishing this is-

Understanding. When your cooking and eating habits need to be revamped than so does your patience, especially in the kitchen. Learning to cook gluten free and allergy-friendly takes a little extra time in the beginning for everyone. On the days that you have your best intentions at heart and you gather your family to work on a meal together, try to remember that both adults and children need a little extra time to learn the new process. Our family has found this to be an inspiration to show us how we can create unique recipes that we may not have thought of before.

Volunteer to show others what you have learned so that they can learn too. People are intrigued when you give them options, who wouldn't be? It's even better when you share cooking tips and see them become pleasantly surprised when they taste it, like it and know that they can also make it. Cooking with food allergies is the newest twist on get-together recipes swaps so why not wow them in the process?

Lemon Coconut Bon Bons
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Get out of your kitchen and let them in. This is difficult for even me to do- come one mom's, is it me or is the kitchen "your space"? When there's too many hands helping it's almost like an invasion of our special spot. If someone wants to help, let them. Cooking should be fun, relaxing, and a way for everyone to take over a familiar space in a good way. Each time I give a small piece of what I feel is my responsibility, the more I learn to relax about our foods and know that what I am sharing is being learned.

Frolic while cooking- do you ever do this? I personally find that playing music while inventing new recipes and even cooking with my children makes me relax more and stress less. And very often, it leads to dancing and singing by whoever else is in there with you. It also gives the meaning play with your food a different level. And, frolicking is absolutely allergy-friendly. 

Cookie Cups 
Easy video tutorial here
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Remember that there will always be dishes- always! I wrote a post on this (here) because there are many days that we wake up and just don't want to see any more dishes, ever! But over time, I realized why there were always dishes- because I was cooking more, I was learning to eat better and I was nourishing my family. And although I still have random days that I am less than thrilled to see constant items piled in my kitchen sink, I have learned that it's more about accepting the new and understanding that you don't (and can't) do everything, all of the time.

Even your husband and children can cook. No, seriously. Most mothers will shake their heads at this thought but I have proof. Since Mother's Day is on the top of my list, I decided to share some fast, gluten free recipes that are elegant yet easy so that Dad and the kids can show mom some gluten free love with simplicity.

Wafer Fleur
Easy video tutorial here
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Eat! Try what other people make for you, make some of those recipes that you always said you would try- the world is full of so many foods that most of us haven't even begun to try yet. Are you afraid to try something new in case it turns out badly? Think about how many times you had to prepare your favorite meal before it was perfect- it's the same thing but with a different type of that ingredient. 

Having to change your foods and lifestyle, whether it be gluten free, multiple food allergies or even food intolerances should be a life-changing event- it has been for us and I am thankful for it! As I recently explained to someone else, the food allergy community is like an endless online family and I am grateful for every single person that I come into contact with. I wish the same for all of you & your families~

*Need the recipes? Simply click on the recipe titles to get an instant PDF :)

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