Thursday, September 17, 2015

Epi App Has Upped it's Game

Last March, I was excited to share the news about the free app called My EpiPlan and all of the wonderful details that the app provides. (click here to read) I mean, what could be better than a free app that not only keeps track of your EpiPen information but also has a step-by-step training video and multiple other learning benefits right at the touch of your finger? Obviously, as helpful as the app was when it was new last year, the peeps at Mylan (marketer/distributor of EpiPen) have shown me that even great things can be improved. Ladies and gentleman, I share with all of you, the new and improved My EpiPlan app.

So What's all The APPiness about? In addition to the original app benefits, My EpiPlan app also has:
- The ability to digitally sync profiles between and the My EpiPlan app
- The ability to create unlimited custom Allergen Profiles and Device (EpiPen) Profiles
- Access to the latest copay Savings Card offer right from your phone (hey, does this mean it might be continued?! That would be uber-awesome, just saying..nudge, nudge)
- Custom reminder settings that let users choose in-app, push and/or email notifications
- A new library of concise, actionable tips to help tweens, teen and young adults with food allergies navigate tricky situations, including school cafeterias and dining halls, class trips and extended travel as well as living away from home for the first time
- Recipes! I do admit, this is selfishly my favorite because my recipe for Pretzel Hummus Chicken can be found among a bunch of other delicious, allergy-friendly recipes.
Need the recipe? Just click! 

APParently, it's Great for Everyone Just a reminder (because all of us have brain fog sometimes and just cannot think of everything) this app is useful for everyone, not just those with food allergies. My EpiPlan app can be a great resource for parents, caretakers, babysitters, school staff- basically anyone whose lives are touched by food allergies in some way.

Ready to get the app? My EpiPlan app can be downloaded/updated by visiting the iTunes/Google Play app stores. You can also get more information about it by visiting

In the world of food allergies, time is of the essence, always. It's been said over and over again but truly, moments can be crucial- what better safety than to have (both) two EpiPens at all times and the My EpiPlan app to help you navigate through the rest of what you may need exactly when you need it.

As always, our family appreciates Mylan for continuing to help our food allergy community out <3

Photos (other than my recipe) courtesy of Mylan

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