Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Who Else Kneads a Bagel?

In 2015, I was introduced to a new product that was on the market- gluten free, allergy-friendly bagels. Honestly, I didn't have high hopes because I had tried a few and we all know that (usually) an allergy-friendly bagel is just disappointing. They tend to be dry or too chewy or get so hard when they are toasted that you break your teeth on them. But these bagels were different! These bagels were like the bagels that I used to be able to eat. You know- drive to work, stop to get your morning bagel and coffee...Gosh, I miss that! Well, I MISSED that until I found The Greater Knead. Now, my morning commute is just a walk to my fridge and it saves me on gas money too ;)

(No bagels were harmed in this process, just devoured)

Knead Some Facts? Just in case some of you weren't sure, The Greater Knead used to be called Sweet Note Bakery. Nothing has changed except for the name and a larger variety of products. Still a women-owned business, these gluten free bagels are the tastiest bagels I have tried yet and they are also free of egg, dairy, soy, peanuts, tree nuts and sesame. My first encounter with them (read it!) was just as sweet as this newest go round. I will say that they seemed to have perfected the texture even more. I didn't know that could be possible but they did it! I also want everyone to know that proper heating is key to enjoying The Greater Knead bagels so please follow the cooking instructions as directed on the package. They took the time to pinpoint exactly how to heat and eat so let's trust that they know what they are doing. They did create the bagels.

Sometimes, You Just Knead Plain After having a two week long stomach bug, I was grateful to have Plain bagels to try out from The Greater Knead. Although I also had Blueberry and Cinnamon Raisin, my eyes were like "Heck yeah!" but my stomach was like "Uhhh, yeah...about" It was somewhat like a form of torture. I could see the bagels, I could touch the bagels, I could even smell the bagels but my stomach definitely didn't want me eating them just yet. I guess you could say my stomach had "bagel blocked" me. But me feeling ok with the Plain variety was definitely acceptable. They (sort of) remind me of a soft pretzel and who can beat a good bagel that takes like 2 minutes to make?! You can top them with just about anything but you can also eat them plain and they are still good. The stomach is nodding in agreement.

Want to try my recipe? Just click
I Knead to Research More When I finally got off the couch and back into my kitchen, I had (what I thought) was a great recipe idea using The Greater Knead's Blueberry bagels. I was excited, I roped areas off in the kitchen and tagged bagel bags with warning signs so nobody would touch them or eat them until I was done with the recipe. My recipe even included soaking the Blueberry bagel in melty Vanilla So Delicous frozen dessert... because sometimes it melts and why waste anything?! Plus, melty dessert and blueberry bagels....yummm! (are you picturing Homer Simpson too right now or am I just weird?). The outcome- I had made  Monkey Bagels! AWESOME, right? Nope. Alas, someone else had already shared a recipe similar on the Greater Knead site...(me, screaming at the computer, CRAP!! No!) but her recipe is tantalizing and I am the only one to blame for not checking beforehand. We still ate it so it wasn't a waste of anything. Plus, the Blueberry bagels were delish! They remind me of cinnamon raisin toast (which is weird because they are Blueberry and they contain no cinnamon).

Make this NOW!
When You Knead Chocolate Did you know that The Greater Knead also makes Chocolate Swirl bagels?! They had me at the flavor alone but when you want a bagel but you want chocolate and then suddenly there's just both right there waiting for you- perfection! As scrumptious as these are, I felt I had a mission to create a new recipe (and I checked first this time). The thought that came to my mind immediately is How can I make fried ice cream with these? Fried ice cream...with a bagel? Yes, I did it. And it's super easy and still allergy-friendly. And a lot less fattening because it's not even fried. Within minutes, you can have a crunchy, chocolatey dessert that is gluten free and allergy-friendly. Even though I encourage everyone to click on the title to share the recipe, sharing the finished recipe is totally optional and I won't judge you either way.

"Unfried" Bagel Topping
1 Chocolate bagel from The Greater Knead (thawed and cut into chunks)
Spray oil (I recommend Winona Pure Oil)
Raw honey

Prep Time:    5 Minutes
Bake Time:   16 Minutes
  1. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees
  2. Layer a baking sheet with parchment paper
  3. Spray lightly with oil (I used coconut but any variety will do)
  4. Place the thawed bagel into a mini chopper
  5. Pulse until no larger chunks appear
  6. Place on the prepared baking sheet
  7. Sprinkle with cinnamon
  8. Spray with additional oil
  9. Bake until lightly browned but do not over bake or they will be too crunchy
  10. Top your favorite frozen dessert and drizzle with honey
  11. Best served the same day but leftovers can be stored in an airtight container for up to two days
Makes approximately 1 Cup

The Knead to Feed I want to thank all of the hard working employees at The Greater Knead for what they do to feed so many of us safely. I attest that NutriSon is a super picky eater (which makes it doubly difficult to find foods that he likes due to his multiple food allergies) and for him to get excited when he sees these bagels in our freezer is wonderful. The Greater Knead was started by a woman whose family members were diagnosed with Celiac Disease and their bagels are Kosher/Parve, Non-GMO and made in a dedicated gluten free facility so you know that this entire company began because they also have a knead to feed others. So what is missing? APRONS! Come on, you all know I am an apron collector- why aren't you selling those adorable bagel aprons to people like me who want them??

Ready to feed your face with the most delicious, gluten-free bagels ever? Visit them on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Because first you check them out there and then you'll check them out here~

Have YOU tried The Greater Knead? 
Tell me your favorites or where you would like to see them carried near you!


  1. Bagels are supposed to be a healthier replacement choice for the donut. But even the bagel has hidden evils, especially with calories in a bagel content levels.

    1. I agree but everything in moderation- with so few allergy-friendly products out there, I am ok with an occasional splurge like The Greater Knead :)