Letter to Use For Class Parents

This is the letter that I use to inform my son's classroom parents of his allergies each year. I feel that this gives them some insite, let's them know how to contact me and it keeps me in touch with the parents who decide to send in foods into the classroom.

August 2011

I am very excited that my son _____ will be starting this year with your son or daughter this year. I hope that this year will be enjoyable for your child as well as my son’s.
I am writing to you to make you aware that _____ has several severe, life-threatening food allergies (specifically eggs, peanuts, dairy, watermelon and shellfish) as well as food intolerances that cause other minor side effects. His condition is severe enough to require an Epipen and Benadryl to be within reach at all times because of the possibility of anaphylactic shock if he ingests these food items. Because of this, I have instructed the nurse and _____’s teachers that _____ is not to have any food items given to him unless I have provided them myself.
The other favor that I ask, if possible, is that you let me or the teacher know a few days ahead of time when you plan on sending in birthday or party treats to the class. With a little bit of advance notice, I will be able to pack ____ a “special” treat for that day as well and make him feel included with the class.
Please understand that these considerations would be a huge favor to my son and myself. Also understand that if the situation was reversed, I would do my very best to do the same for your child’s safety. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to meeting you during the school year.

Tracy Bush
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