My Twins Arrived!

TWINS! They are here and they are beautiful! They make me smile each and every morning and I simply cannot get enough of them. There are so many different ways to describe how I feel...let's go on that crazy blogger journey today and let me share some of the sayings that hit the nail right on the head. Ready? (putting crazy blogger hat on...because, one must wear a hat for these kinds of journeys)

"Sometimes miracles come in pairs"

"Twins- double the love"

"I may be a twin but I am one of a kind"

"I'm the mother of twins, what's your super power?"

"First we had you..then we had both of you...Now we have everything."

Ladies & Gentlemen, I am happy to announce the 
SunButter Twin Packs 
(available at at select SE Costco store locations)

These SunButter Twin Packs are being sold exclusively at select Southeast Costco stores. Not only is this great news to hear but the Twin Packs are budget-friendly and also include a link to SunButter's free School Safe Recipe Book. At this time, these SunButter Twin Packs are only available at specific Southeast Costco locations BUT if they are successful, SunButter will be sure to announce on social media! Current locations are below for your convenience. 

Since I have spread the love, let's have fun with just one more of these twin quotes:

Top 5 Things Not to say to the mom of Twins

  1. Which one is your favorite?  None! I love all of my SunButter products equally!
  2. I guess you're done now. Never! Well, at least not until they stop making SunButter..gasp! The very thought brings tears to my eye! It must be the hormones from the event ;) 
  3. Better you than me. Untrue- SunButter is great for everyone (unless you are allergic to sunflower or any of the other ingredients in SunButter so always check your labels to stay safe)
  4. Are they natural? Why yes, they are ;) Proof HERE
  5. Double trouble. I beg to differ! No trouble, just healthy and nutritious protein.



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