Snackers For My Snackers

I thought I would share my latest product review for Three Bakers Snackers since, well tomorrow is Superbowl Sunday and who doesn't need new ideas for food?! Come on, we all love watching the game, eating tons of different pick foods and snacks or maybe you are the one bringing some food over to someone else's home for the game. Either way, I felt sharing was the way to go.

Three Bakers was gracious enough to send three of their four flavors - Chocolate ChipHoney Graham  and Cheddar Cheese but they also offer Chocolate Chocolate Chip...yum! So what did they look like? How did they taste? Let's spill all of it and don't forget to check out the recipes I share as well. You all know that I am a firm believer of using products in more ways than just opening up the package. Why not? If you feel as if your foods are limited, it's a great way to give you more flavor and meal varieties as well as pushing your brain to think of new options to use.

Rule #1- Watch For Pets with Food Envy Who has pets? (hand raised) Now who else notices that each time you open any type of package, your pet runs to you, assuming it is food for them too? (hand raised). And who else finds it cute at first but then ultimately annoying when this happens? No offense furry friends but people with food allergies are super protective about the foods that they can eat so back off just a little. I mean, you don't see your humans running to hog your food bowl at feeding time so let bygones be bygones.

Of course, I totally get it. The Cheddar Cheese Snackers are quite tempting. They are subtly cheesy so it's not a full overload of cheese explosion and I prefer that sometimes. They also have a hint of pepper that pops up here and there to wake your palate up. AND (this is my favorite part) they are not flat and square like most other cheese cracker-like snacks. The Snackers are poofed! Like, rounded, giving them a bit of added fun and crunch. So what do I, Nutrimom, recommend you use these for other than just a snack? Well, remember those peanut butter and cheese sandwich crackers that you (probably) ate as a kid? Why not make a peanut-free version but also make it into a fun food dip?

SunButter Snackers Dip
Use this as a fun, easy protein dip for vegetables, fruit or just off the spoon!

1 Cup Three Bakers Cheese Cheese Snackers (crushed)
1 Teaspoon SunButter of your choice

Prep Time:        4 Minutes
No Bake Time:  5 Minutes

  1. Using a medium sized bowl, combine the crushed Snackers and SunButter
  2. Mix, combining well
  3. Store in an airtight container
Makes approximately one cup

Chocolate Chip.. Need I say More? Sometimes, just noshing down handfuls of a great treat is what heals the soul. Here in North Carolina, our winter hasn't been a bunch of snow-filled days. Our winter has been seemingly dreary days upon days filled with clouds, greyness, more greyness, damp and oh, not much snow. I now understand why the groundhog hibernates. I am just about there myself except I don't have fur, I just have a fuzzy blanket and my bag of Chocolate Chip Snackers. These are flat (I like variety) but what I really enjoy about this bag of Snackers is the tease of chocolate chip. Don't get me wrong, I am definitely one who loves chocolate to the ends of the earth but Three Bakers nailed it when they created these little guys. Rather than your usual chocolate overkill that (most) of us tend to eat too many of and then feel ill and guilty afterwards, the Chocolate Chip Snackers are dotted with tastes of chocolate. I almost want to say it's similar to those chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches that are out there but crunchy and far easier to eat a bunch of.

And, THESE! I can't forget about the Honey Graham Snackers...oh yes! Also flat (hey Three Bakers, just curious, why is only one Snackers flat? Huh? Huh?) ...maybe it's a trade secret. If you like that familiar taste of Grandma's pie crust- eat these. If you like crunchy, buttery, just slightly sugary crackers- eat these. Plain and simple. Or, as NutriDaughter pondered "So, these are all puzzle pieces...does that mean that when you them together it unlocks an even better cracker?" Smart girl for just twelve years old....she totally gets that from me, of course. The only thing left to do is to think about, hmmm. I dunno ANOTHER RECIPE!

S'mores Singles
Because..why not?!

1 Bag of Three Bakers Honey Graham Snackers
Enjoy Life Foods chocolate chips (melted)
Mini marshmallows
*Optional Spray oil (I use Winona Pure Oil) added to the chocolate

Prep Time:        5 Minutes
No Bake Time:  4 Minutes

  1. Cover a baking sheet or other flat surface with parchment paper
  2. Place each Honey Graham Snackers on the covered sheet
  3. Dip each marshmallow halfway into the melted chocolate
  4. Gently place onto each Honey Graham Snackers
  5. Allow to cool
  6. Store in an airtight container to avoid stale marshmallows
Serving sizes will vary

Read The Labels I do want to warn that although these Snackers are gluten free and delicious, they contain milk and/or eggs. Because everyone's allergy needs are different,I recommend that you check the Three Bakers website (although they are delicious, they also need to be safe for you!). Huge hugs to Three Bakers for not only thinking of me and asking if I would like to try them out but also for their patience in the time it took me to get my feedback out. AND they also make other products such as pizza, pizza crust, stuffing mix, hamburger buns, hoagie rolls, hot dog buns and bread! Be sure and visit them at, on Facebook, on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

As always, never any compensation except for the product themselves as all of my reviews are always honest.