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Have you tried Made Good Foods yet? I just finished taste-testing the bunches of goodness that they were kind enough to send to me. In case you are not familiar with Made Good Foods, they offer allergy-friendly Granola Bars, Granola Minis and even Crispy Squares (these I did not get to try but it's going on my to-do list ASAP!). They were also most recently mentioned in the news when they partnered with Snack Safely, Enjoy Life Foods and others for the Free-From Sample Program for Schools (read here) - a program that is aimed at sharing both food allergy awareness and information as well as coupons and samples to schools, their staff and others that are typically involved with school meal and snack planning. Talk about jumping into the food allergy community on a positive and delicious note! And I do admit, one of the most difficult products that I have tried to find that contains minimal allergens has always been granola. I am happy to report that Made Good Foods are free from and made in a facility free of peanut, tree nut, wheat, dairy, sesame, tree nuts, soy, egg, fish and shellfish. Plus, who doesn't love that they offer both bars and minis (not sure about most of you but our family typically has some pretty picky eaters when it comes to shapes, sizes and just about anything else).

Speaking of here is one of the things I like most about these bars and minis- do you see the label? Are you seeing the ingredients? Did you catch the part where it says "Vegetable powder (spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, beets, shiitake mushrooms)" - are you thinking what I am thinking? An allergy-friendly, safely packaged snack that also does what we have had to make homemade for I don't even know how long. They went and snuck vegetables into these pocket-sized pieces of yum! And I know what you may be thinking- "But my kids can read labels, they have since they were yay big because we taught them too so they will see the word vegetable". No worries- a couple of little tips from Nutrimom:

A) remove the package and have them taste it first. Often if they don't know the healthy ingredients are in there, the tasting is much easier. Then once they like them, they won't care if they are eating the ingredients that they profusely claim they despise
B) Teach them to read the ingredients but relabel the words. When they ask what the carrots are for, tell them they are "flavor enhancers" it lying? Maybe a tad but is it completely untrue? Nope. All of the ingredients do enhance the flavor so I rest my case as a parent of picky eaters.
 C) Eat them with your children- Tell me that whenever they see you eat it, they don't immediately want to eat it too! As long as they are double-checking with you to see if they are a safe snack for them,all is good.

Size Does Matter Come on, as a parent who packs lunches, plans long car trips or even just needs something to throw into your purse to get out of the door quickly without having to worry about ingredients and everything Made Good Foods definitely has the advantage. And I hate to repeat myself but when you have a house with various types of food allergies, it is life-saving to find products that can be eaten safely by everyone. The fact that you can tuck them away in your purse or coat pocket so that you can actually eat one in secret is also life-saving (just sayin'). You know you have been there too! You know you have hidden inside pantries, locked bathrooms or driven around the block an extra time just to be able to eat one snack all by yourself. It's part of parenting. Well, actually, it's part of human nature, parents or not- we just want to eat our own food sometimes!

The Bar Has Been Raised I admit, initially I tried the Minis and I wasn't sure about them- Made Good Foods granola is not your typical crunchy granola. It is a bit softer, chewier- almost like they hid marshmallows in there somewhere but of course, they didn't. But then I tried the bars, liked them. Asked my kids' opinions, liked them. And I realized it's not that I didn't like them, it's that I am so stuck on my idea of what granola is that I wasn't focusing on the real question - did I like them? The answer- yes. I like the taste, I like the many flavors, I like the fact that they offer bars and minis and I love the hidden veggie factor.

Here's the Giveaway Part Happily, Made Good Foods wants to share with all of you too! Here's what you need to know before we get started-
- Giveaway begins Wednesday May 17th and ends Friday May 19th at 12 Midnight EST
- This giveaway is open to everyone in the US AND Canada (yay!!! Canada always gets left out, not this time)
- 3 winners will each receive the full line of Made Good Foods Bars, Minis & Crispy Squares (10 boxes total each winner)
- Winners will be randomly selected via Rafflecopter
- No purchase necessary
- None of your information will be used/shared/sold/nada- just need it for the giveaway
- Sharing about the giveaway is appreciated using #madegoodfoods

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to our winners-
Dawn Pierson, Brianna Wolin & Kelly Cory

Find out more! Visit Made Good Foods on their website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Thank you to the folks at Made Good Foods for sending me these delicious goodies to review. As always, never compensation except for the products themselves as my reviews are always honest


  1. I'd like to try their Vanilla Crispy Squares

  2. I am so glad I am not too late to enter! :) These look good, minus one flavor which you probably know. I think I am most anxious to try the chocolate chip ones. I am a sucker for most things chocolate chip.
    Thanks for all you do, giveaway related and non!

  3. We LOVE made good granola minis but would love to try other products like these in our home. We have an ANA tree but allergic son and just found out one of our other children is also PN and TN allergic. This win would be so helpful for this mom of 4, under 6 with two kiddos whom have allergies!!

  4. The chocolate banana bars and strawberry minis look good

  5. They all sound good. I think I would really like the Chocolate Chip Crispy Squares!


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