Plant-Based = Happiness

Plant-based. Multiple benefits. Hair. Skin. Nails. 
Does all of this grab your attention?

This is what caught my eye over two years ago when I began re-evaluating many areas of my life. I was feeling kind of like I was finally a grown up but still hadn't quite figured it all out. I've been on a food allergy journey myself and elimination runs hand in hand with symptom tracking. When I first found out about SeabuckWonders products, I was skeptical (to say the least).  But after many years of not feeling like I was my old self, I began to notice some changes after I began using their products that brought a smile back to my face. And without meaning to sound egotistical, I may have found my own personal Fountain of Youth (AKA The Goddess) and I think ALL of us need to feel this way! The part that I love the most is that the products are plant-based, Non-GMO and I truly feel like I glow from the outside out since I have begun using their products. I have proof! Here are my before and after pictures (don't laugh!).

Lisa Rutter (No Nuts Mom Group) & Me 
Ta Da and it continues to grow!
Recently, one of my close friends and blogger buddy Cindy aka Vegetarian Mamma asked me about SeabuckWonders and if I recommended them. Since the products are plant-based, Cindy was intrigued. I explained that I had found great success in healthier, longer hair using their Ultimate Hair, Skin & Nails supplements and that I was a huge fan of how their skin care products made my skin look and feel. I followed up with her to see if she had decided to use them and what her thoughts were.

NM: What initially drew you to the SeabuckWonders Hair, Skin & Nail supplement?
VM:  Your recommendation. :)  I was most excited about the potential it could give my hair. 

NM: Are there any specifics about the product that you felt were unique to their product vs. others?
VM: For me it was important that somebody I knew recommended it and had tried and loved it.

NM: Has anyone commented that they notice a difference since you began using the supplements?
VM: Yes, my hair stylist

NM: How long did it take for you to notice a difference?
VM: My hair stylist noticed within about 5 weeks of me taking it. And I wasn't taking it consistently. She noticed new growth and the speed that my hair was growing.  I noticed  after her initial notice :)  

NM: Can you share some of the things that you noticed?
VM: I notice that my hair seems softer and healthier and thicker! It seems thicker, which is HUGE for me. It is certainly growing faster!

NM: Would you recommend SeabuckWonders to anyone else?
VM: YES! :) 

Special thanks to Cindy for sharing her thoughts with me- so glad she is seeing results too! It's the small details that keep us all smiling and feeling as good on the outside as we do on the inside. 

Are YOU Intrigued?!

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