Let Me Cook For You This Weekend

Who is looking for something to do this weekend that is budget-friendly? (me, raising my hand) Who is looking for a place to go that is temperature controlled? (me, again) Who is gluten free, looking to become gluten free or just someone that is curious about gluten free? (ME!!!) Why am I asking all of these questions? 

Because I would like to invite ALL of you (gluten free or otherwise) to attend the Richmond, VA Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest!

Here's the When & Where (because it's a need to know)
Saturday, August 18th 10AM - 4PM
Sunday, August 19th 10AM - 3PM
(go one day or go both days!)

Greater Richmond Convention Center
Exhibit Hall B
403 North 3rd Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Here's Why (as if you need one but just in case)

  • Budget & Family-Friendly Where else can you spend the day at a place that your entire family can go together? Not many. This event offers something for everyone and you can save 20% on your event ticket by using promo code Nutrimom18.  
  • Numerous Vendors This event offers a huge variety of exhibitors who are ready and waiting to share their product information & samples. Make sure you arrive hungry (but always be sure and read every label to ensure that each item is safe for your allergy needs).
  • Speakers Are you ready to listen in to learn even more? Whether it be gut health, advocacy or travel tips, you can pick and choose how much you want your brain to absorb for the weekend.
  • Cooking Demos  Yes, if you aren't eating and sampling at the exhibitor tables, you can also see what's going on at the cooking demos. AND, I am happy to share that I will personally be cooking both days! View the complete schedule here.
  • Meet Me & Say Hello Ok, this is just an added bonus but you know I love meeting everyone! When I'm not presenting a cooking demo, look for me wandering the event floor with my red Converse sneakers so we can snap a picture (Yes, red sneakers because I am all about Red Sneakers for Oakley. Wear yours too!). 
Here's the Food (who doesn't love food, I mean come on!)
I am super excited to be creating and sharing! Don't forget to see what the other presenters are going to offer as well. Watch for me both days 1 - 1:50 PM for these cooking demonstrations:

*Saturday- Love Your Lunchbox
Watch as I share a protein-packed twist on an all time favorite meal including a dash of silliness that will make your lunches loved again. Featuring sponsored products that include Rule Breaker Snacks, Schar Gluten Free, Follow Your Heart, Glutino, Enjoy Life Foods and Gimbal's Fine Candies.

*Sunday- The Secret to Perfect Gluten Free Pancakes
I can help you create THE perfect gluten free pancakes with the added protein of SunButter and a touch of chocolate chips. Featuring sponsored products that include SunButter, Enjoy Life Foods and Good Karma Foods.

Here's Who Else (the more, the merrier right?)

A extra special thank you to all of the companies that sponsored me at this event- I couldn't have done it without your amazing products!