This May Save Your Life (Epi)

Back in 2015, I met an amazing group of people at the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference who were working on a new product called Veta Smart Case & App. Imagine, something that would immediately tell you if you were separated from your auto injectors. I was excited then but three years later, I am so ecstatic to see this product on my doorstep, being able to test it out to see if it's all that I hoped it would be.

Why Did It Take So Long This may be your first thought, 2015?! What the heck people? I can tell you from personally meeting the team of Aterica Digital Health in my opinion, they are a rare breed of people who actually believe in perfecting a product for the good of the people. They care about making sure their consumers are as safe as possible and they wanted this to be a product that would have everything covered, leaving very little room for error. Less chances for error means less chances of a life being threatened by food allergies or an allergic reaction. Less of a chance for another unnecessary death due to food allergies. More importantly, more of a chance for us to become educated about what is needed to stay within that margin of close to zero error.

Explain This To Me I am a self-professed tech-challenged person. I am also very visual and I thought it may help to show you first what happens when your epinephrine is removed from the Veta Smart Case. This is one of two things that happens IF someone is having a reaction and needs to remove the auto injectors, if a teacher is opening the case or even as a heads up if someone (such as a small child) is opening the case when they should not -

The second part is where the app comes in. A simple download of the Veta app and the cases are connected via Bluetooth to keep everything in check. But it's NOT just to alert someone that the case is being opened. As I stated above, Aterica Digital Health wanted to cover any type of situation that might happen so that an immediate answer could be given as to also prevent panic over situations that may not need extreme panic.....I think we can all agree that there is more than enough of that so less is wonderful. All you need to do is look for this and proceed with the download.

Remember, I am challenged so I was a bit hesitant...seriously, opening the Veta Smart Case box as if I would break something or install it and it would start spitting out things that I couldn't understand. Not the case at all! You see, when you open the box there are several things inside. Not only is everything secured with easy-to-open plastic (that you can recycle, extra bonus in my book) and no scissors needed (so also no cuts, another bonus) but there is a Getting Started booklet included. It goes step by step so app and case setup are super easy. Your box even includes the batteries that you will need to get everything started (yes, they literally thought of everything).

What's in the Box One Veta Smart Case box includes 2 smart cases (because, as everyone knows, you should always carry two), instructions for getting started, 2 sets of tops (different colors in case you want to differentiate your auto injectors such as yellow for adult dosage and green for children's dosage), 2 silicone bands to hold secure two cases together, stickers to label each case (Mom, Dad, Suzy and Steve), a booklet of The Fine Print (care of cases, etc.) and even a card that gives you all of their contact information in the event that you are not happy with the product OR if you are happy, you know it and you want to clap your hands (joking but true).

What About the App Once it's installed, you can set up a bunch of different options. You first receive an email to verify the account then you can update the app with all of these functions:

  • You can set up a profile for everyone's smart case. This includes notifying you when the case is not in range, if the temperature is too hot or too cold, if the battery is still functioning and when the epinephrine in each case expires. 
  • There is an assist option that can call the person the Veta Smart Case is labeled for and there is even a location device on it.
  • A support circle can be set up. This means that mom, dad or whoever else you choose will be get notifications as well.
  • Not sure how to use an auto injector? There is even a Resources option that explains visually and verbally how to administer it!
Veta Smart Case & App vs. Other Options Oddly enough, while I was just getting into the beginning stages of using the Veta Smart Case I received an email from another company that offered an "emergency sharing app". Not a tracking device, not a controlled case to let you know if your epinephrine was in good standing just a network of people who would share their auto injector IF they could find you and IF they chose to even look for you. When I rooted around for opinions, I got a very solid answer from a person who shared "Someone who is diagnosed with anaphylaxis and chooses to install this other app, forgot to carry their own auto injector and chose not to go back for it is a serious red flag. Epinephrine will save you, not an app." I am the mother of a child with multiple food allergies and the last thing that I would want to encourage is NOT carrying epinephrine. Do we all forget it sometimes while we are in a hurry? Yes but that's what the Veta Smart Case helps us out with. In today's world where everyone is tied into their devices, why not utilize your normal routine to also have your epinephrine as your normal routine? Why not be the parent that gets notifications BEFORE anything might happen- to me, that is infinitely better than getting a horrific call from someone who has just watched your child have an anaphylactic reaction without any epinephrine. I want my child and everyone else to LIVE with food allergies.

To end, I cannot stress enough how important this product is and how much I trust my son's life with this product. Will the Veta Smart Case save his life? It just might. I know that Aterica Digital Health has given blood, sweat and tears to make this product the best it can possibly be. I am all about companies who make products to ensure their consumers live and I am all about sharing products that I support. Food allergy parents have to be picky and I am and you should be too. The Veta Smart Case and app may not literally save my son's life but one thing is for sure- it is the next best thing to me being there when I cannot be. 

For more information and details about the Veta Smart Case, visit them at as well as on Facebook and Twitter. You can purchase the Veta Smart Case at some CVS locations , on Amazon or order online now. 

* I received free product for my opinion. No charges for product reviews as my opinions are always honest and my own.