Surf Into Spring

Are you excited about spring this year? I personally could use a positive pick me up. North Carolina has not had much of a winter, but instead a lot of dreary, rainy days. When this happens, the flowers love it but me, I just want Mother Nature to pick a season and stick with it. The upside to this type of weather is that is causes me to feel the need to make our home feel cozy and comforting. I know many people with food allergies always ask why does food have to be a part of everything but why can't it be? As long as you are choosing safe foods, why not enjoy them and celebrate with them?

organic jelly bean chocolate snackIt may be because of my childhood memories- at an early age, there was always a lot of memories that took place in the kitchen. Seasonal smells, tastes and recipes that were something to look forward to. Regardless of what else may have been going on, I embraced those comforting rituals. It was like a gift from my family that was shared with me as a child so that I can pass it along to my own children. And yes, food does not have to be involved in everything but it sure does help to improve some situations. Going back to my rainy, grey winter- if you step into my home from that raw, damp weather and inhale the smell of cooking, it does change how you feel. For me, cooking soothes the soul and sharing that is like me offering everyone that comes into my home a warm, fuzzy blanket of happiness. (Plus, how amazing does your hair smell when you bake?!)

This year, Surf Sweets asked if I would like to share a recipe to help welcome springtime. Partnered with Enjoy Life Foods, how could I not?! Our family has enjoyed Surf Sweets for many years and I couldn't wait to mix up this easy, no bake recipe to share with everyone. In under fifteen minutes, you can also have a sweet treat to share with friends and family (or not, I understand not wanting to share), box up as a thank you gift or even place some into a decorative box or bag and use it as a scrumptious placeholder for a family get together.

chocolate jellybean recipe allergies spring

Spring Jelly Bean Bark

1 ½ bags (10 ounce bag) of Enjoy Life Foods Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
1 Tablespoon shortening (you can use ANY of these oil, butter, non dairy butter, palm shortening)
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Prep Time:          5 Minutes
No Bake Time:   7 Minutes

1.       Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper
2.       Set it aside
3.       Melt the chocolate and your choice of shortening, stirring frequently
4.       Pour the melted chocolate combination onto the prepared pan (the smaller the sheet, the thicker the bark. I used a, 8 ½ x 12 pan)
5.       Add Surf Sweets Jelly Beans to the chocolate
6.       Cover
7.       Let it cool completely
8.       Slice or break into pieces
9.       Store in an airtight container for up to five days for best result

Serving sizes vary

New to Surf Sweets? You will be excited to learn that Surf Sweets offers GummiesJelly Beans and Vegan products as well. They use organic ingredients, are non GMO certified and gluten free. They also produce and package in a dedicated facility free of the top ten allergens and they are a member of 1% For The Planet (an environmental cause that helps clean the ocean). You can find more information about Surf Sweets on their webpage, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

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This post and recipe was sponsored by Surf Sweets and Enjoy Life Foods via monetary and product compensation.