Your Water Can Help Save the Planet

How often have you heard people scoff when someone says "We recycle because we want to help save the planet"? I am willing to bet, too often. Most have the attitude that one person's efforts won't even make a dent in what's going on in our world right now. To be fair, yes one person would not be a huge impact. However, what if all of those people who are questioning that one person turned into that one person.... imagine how easily so many of us could be making positive changes for our environment with so little effort. Seven years ago, I made a decision to recycle, reuse and rethink how our family's actions and waste could be put into action to help make a better planet. Now, if I'm not recycling, I feel guilty because this is our new normal. What's even more inspiring to me is when I come across products that have a mission behind their company, especially when it includes recycling.
refillable ecofriendly aluminum water bottle
It's Not Just Water A recent email came to me from PathWater asking if I would be interested in checking out their product. In my typical fashion of fast-glancing through an email, my thought was "It's water" and I left it for later. Then my official blogger brain kicked in and questions swirled inside of my head. Pushing all of my other tasks aside, I logged onto their website and began to read. Going through more of their pages, I have to admit, I was kicking myself for making such a fast judgment initially. This is a product with a mission and it's far beyond how to stay hydrated or quench someone's thirst. This may be a product that could change how we look at plastic bottles of water forever.

What's the Big Deal Now, I know I am a product geek. I know not everyone goes to the food store during a grand opening to spend two hours there, seeking out products and posting about them. But PathWater caught my eye on so many levels that I thought I should definitely be sharing with all of you as well. Here's an easy rundown of why you may want to consider introducing PathWater into your life:

  • The Bottle Unlike plastic bottles of water, PathWater is sold in a reusable, aluminum bottle. Think about it- how much money have you spent on a single bottle of water? Then it gets thrown away or recycled (if you are a kind person) and you have to buy more bottles of water. It becomes an endless cycle that's killing our environment.
    plastic water bottles environment landfill
    Photo courtesy of PathWater
  • The Price A typical bottle of water is $1.25-1.50. PathWater is $2-3 dollars. Now, bear with me as I (like many of you) are probably very budget-conscious too and right now, your brain is seeing dollar signs. Yes, a typical plastic bottle of water may be slightly cheaper but it's actually wasting money. You will spend your $1.25-1.50, drink it and then it's gone. You have not invested in anything and you have added to the plastic in our landfills. When you purchase a bottle of PathWater, you spend a tiny bit more but you get to keep a sturdy, reusable bottle. And for an additional price comparison, most of us know how much it costs to buy a reusable bottle and it's waaaaay more than $2-3. 
  • The Size Most bottled water comes in an 8 ounce bottle. PathWater bottles are 25 ounces (so, again, comparing prices that also comes into play). So, really, you are spending more but you are getting three bottles in one. Why do I personally love the bottle size? Because I am someone who admittedly has a difficult time making sure I drink enough water so I feel having the larger size will encourage me. From a mom point of view of having years of experience lugging kids around and dealing with various sippy cups, the PathWater bottle is also slim so it will fit inside most cup holders in cars. Call me silly but moms get angry when drinks do not fit properly inside of a cup holder.
  • Allergy Point of View (You all knew this would pop up somewhere in my post, right?) When I contacted the representative, they shared this statement before I even thought to ask "There is no cross-contamination of the product including the water. It never touches anything other than the material it is made out of." I have always checked labels and ingredients but honestly.....I have never thought about checking for allergens with bottles of water. Am I alone in this? Am I a bad parent? I'm feeling like it but that's ok because thanks to the PathWater representative I learned that their company has their allergic customers covered. If you have other concerns, you can also check out their FAQ's page. 
    aluminum water bottle with name
  • No Sharing Since my children were small, we have always had color-coded bottles, cups, refillable bottles, etc. to ensure that whatever one person was eating or drinking did not even come close to my son with food allergies. PathWater has a spot on their bottles where you can write your name and... AND (this is another annoying mom moment) it stays on and doesn't smudge (I used a Sharpie). One small moment for one mom but one giant moment for parents everywhere who are tired of trying to read smudged names or initials on bottles.
My mission- to share with all of you (of course) but also, to constantly be on the lookout for products and companies that have a consumer's best interest at heart and beyond. Currently, PathWater can be found in stores across California and ordered online. Don't take my word for it- try some for yourself and let me know what you think. Heck, let PathWater know what you think as well! If you want them in a store near you, put in a request with the store manager (as parents, don't we already do this anyway?). For more information, visit PathWater on the web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube

Thank you PathWater for reaching out to this blogger and enlightening me! Now, the real fight begins....should I order more bottles so the rest of my family each has their own bottle or should I bask in my special mom water bottle alone?

*I received free product for my opinion. No charges for product reviews as my opinions are always honest and my own.


  1. WOW! I have been seeing this product more and more lately!

    Love what they are doing! <3

    1. I an hopeful they will make their way to the East Coast too!


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