It's a Biscuit.. Or IS It?!

Are you one of those people who used to eat certain foods but you can't anymore? Growing up, one of my favorite Saturday morning breakfast foods were Bisquick drop biscuits with butter. The fluffy yet slightly crunchy biscuits... my mouth is watering right now. This doesn't happen when you try to make them with gluten free options, it just doesn't. Yes, I can make biscuits but nothing has even come close to these... le sigh.

gluten free biscuit baking allergiesOn the plus side, I recently posted about this very subject and asked for people to share their favorite products and recipes, offering a gluten free version for me to try (I am stubborn, I don't give up easily). Not only did I get a bunch of options and ideas, I also received a message from Kalo Foods telling me about their bake and eat Gluten Free Buttermilk Biscuits ..... wait, what?!! NOT a recipe that I can potentially mess up, an actual pre-made item that I just bake??? OK, this was something I knew I had to try! They do contain dairy but they are free of many other allergens (egg, nut, etc.) Of course, I highly recommend that you visit their website to ensure their products are safe for your allergy needs but wow, this option is one of my must-have wish list items!

- Can I make biscuits from scratch? Yes, because I do so many other things from scratch already.
- Do I want to make them from scratch? No, because I do so many other things from scratch already.

gluten free biscuit egg freeWhat Do They Taste Like? I was very pleasantly surprised by Kalo Foods biscuits! I know I am repeating myself but the fact that I just bake and eat was like heaven, truly. In my opinion, they bake up similar to a biscuit that you might have at a place such as KFC (yes, I hate that I am using this as a point of reference but...) as well as Pillsbury biscuits (yeah, those pop open packages that, again, I normally don't mention or endorse). Texturewise, they were not dry or crumbly simply a decent biscuit that you can slice in half and slather with whatever topping of your choosing. They were excellent for sopping up dishes, if you are one who does that, and they are an easy product to use as a fast meal edition, especially since they do not contain gluten or egg (again, research to be safe at Kalo Foods because I love all of you and want you to eat safely). Being the product detective that I am, I also tested them out in a few other areas:
  • Thawed on the counter Rather than taking them from the freezer, I left a few out to thaw. When I baked them, I placed them on a baking rack to allow more air circulation. They baked in approximately 14 minutes but I noticed using the baking rack made them a little less fluffy.
  • Thawed in the fridge I left a few biscuits in the refrigerator overnight to thaw as well. I baked these directly on a baking sheet. Findings- they were slightly poofier when baked directly on the baking sheet but the middle of the biscuits remained mushier, which disappeared if I let them sit for a few minutes after baking versus cutting them open right away.
  • Reheating previously cooked This was for all of you needing to know if they can also be leftovers and the answer is- yes! I heated the oven to 375 degrees, cut them in half (yes, I tried reheating them whole, not so well) and in 10-15 minutes, you still have the same biscuit! 
  • I DO NOT recommend microwaving them. It's an ok option in a pinch but I am picky about the consistency of my biscuits and I prefer having them as close to the original texture as possible. Microwaving them may cause them to become gummy.

What also makes me excited is when I can create a recipe from a product other than as directed on the package. I have been missing easy to make gluten free cinnamon rolls. I have tried making them from scratch, I have failed and this option is so easy, you will be as happy as I am. I give to you, my recipe for (Almost) Homemade Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls (everyone happy dancing, parents cheering, children licking their lips waiting). By simply repurposing the "dough", I created this recipe for others that find it challenging to make a completely homemade cinnamon roll dough. I have tried it, my cinnamon roll dough did not come out like it was supposed too, my cinnamon rolls did not taste good and it caused me to feel defeated in my own kitchen, which is what I try not to feel or make others feel, ever. 

So much love can come from simple things, like our own kitchens, so why not build on that? Why not find easier ways to utilize the products that we can eat safely while maximizing the rest of our daily routine as well?

Are you excited too?! Trust me when I say, my recipe is sooooo easy! It's also very budget-friendly (3 Kalo Foods biscuits makes 9 cinnamon rolls) so your family will be chomping down on these in no time with less money coming out of your pocket. Go here to view the full recipe now or visit on my Pinterest page, pin it and share it to help others out, especially since we could all use the help right now.  For those of you who are visual (like me) and find it helpful to see the process, I have this handy dandy not so pretty graphic (apologies, not so easy to take photos of dough but look at the pretty transformation- ooohhhh, ahhhhh!).

I want to thank Kalo Foods for reaching out to me and providing samples for me to review. I also want to thank them for inspiring me to create a new recipe during a time when my mind has been on overdrive about so many other things. For me, cooking and creating is an outlet to let my mind loosen up, to let some of the day to day issues float away for awhile and to find new ways to feed my family (to me, food is love as long as it's safe food). If you are interested in finding out about this Kalo Foods product as well as their other products (yes, they have MORE!!!) visit them on the web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

As always, never a charge for product reviews as my opinions are always honest and my own