Is COVID Sucking the Life Out of You?

How is everyone doing? 

Was last year the year that curled you up into a ball, rolled you around and just threw you to land wherever? 

This is how I feel. I'm not depressed, I'm not anxious, I'm not anything other than my constant "full steam ahead no looking back". So many of us have just had a crap year in ways beyond how our brain could have ever imagined. Life has changed us all forever. For me, the things that have pushed me down have made me wake up every single day trying to do better, trying to stand taller and trying to figure out how to get back some of what has been taken from me. 

The title says it all- This year has sucked the life out of me. But in the same breath, I continue to inhale even deeper. Shifting energy is necessary and it doesn't mean it's forever, unless you decide it should be. Writing has been such a creative outlet for me for most of my life but this year, it has been something that my mind just has whispered It will come back in time, relax. This being said, anyone who knows me truly knows that I am not a sit back and wait kind of person.... so, this is ultra frustrating. I have been blogging and involved with social media since 2008 so it's a part of my every day life. I found this and it's really just the only thing that truly explains me right now.

The only thing that I can do is continue to trust that when I am ready, my brain will kick back into full force Nutrimom speed and then I will be complaining that I have too much to do (lol).

What has been taken for you? Tell me. That is the purpose of blogging and sharing and supporting. I don't write just to have everyone listen to my life. Do you need help with something? Is there a way that someone can help keep you on track? What has worked for you before but isn't working now? 2020 has given us a new perspective at how to handle our emotions as well as our day to day lives. It truly is survival of the fittest. This does not mean that you are alone. It just means that you can ask for help when you need it- nobody has everything under control all of the time. So, please, ask because it is that simple.

Continue to Be Yourself I pride myself on this and I promise you, I am the person you think I am if we ever meet. I see no point in being someone that I am not. With the multitude of things that I have journeyed through the past few years, I am here to say that being yourself is empowering. It doesn't matter if it doesn't make other people happy, it doesn't matter if your happiness is not what was expected of you and it doesn't matter that your chosen path isn't what anyone else thought you should be doing. Be yourself. Own it with all of your being and soul. Feel everything the way that you want to feel it now. Life is short and there is never enough chocolate (unless Enjoy Life Foods FINALLY makes a Big Bar). Think about it- how many people remember you for all of the things that you were not?

What Makes YOU Happy? For me, writing and food has always been a part of my life in some form. I have always loved working with products and organizations but creating recipes has been a very interesting way to watch my brain unfold. I happily signed additional seasons with FoodyTV and am producing new episodes to share how you can also maximize products in your kitchen - make sure you get the app so I can share my happiness with you. 

I am also working on a series of coffee table books that are completely unrelated to food so stay tuned! (just a heads up- they are full of a very snarky, dry sense of humor so if it's not your cup of tea, bygones)

There was a saying I saw recently that really sums up where I have landed and how I feel and I'm sharing because I want so much for all of you to feel the same. It reads "Don't save me for later, I won't be there". I'm not sure if it was my life events or the pandemic or a self awakening but this speaks to me on so many levels. This is all sounding so sappy I am sure but I wanted to write something that was not my normal post. I wanted to say that remembering yourself and finding yourself again is so very important. Be confident in who and what you are and what you offer, no matter how big or how small because it's what your importance is. Most of all, being yourself is important to you which is (I fear) what so many of us never allow ourselves to put into the front of the line. 

It's a new year. This is a new chance for new beginnings. Let those beginnings start now.


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