Life After Nutrimom

 Most of you have noticed that my blogs have been almost non active. Life has changed drastically in so many ways. Difficult decisions had to be made. COVID basically killed Nutrimom as a business and other factors led me to push my previous commitments aside and choose what had to be done vs. what I wanted to do. During the process, my blog became nearly inactive and life as Nutrimom began to dwindle. The harsh reality of not being driven by my previous passions slapped me in the face each day as I began to work six days a week, try to get through the remainder of my divorce, keep up the bills and house duties and still try to maintain even a small presence on social media. All of this weighed down upon me until this March.

Nutrimom Inc. In March of this year and being incorporated as Nutrimom Inc. since 2008, I dissolved Nutrimom as a business. With almost no time, energy or enough paid opportunities, I had to make this difficult decision to end (or at least cut back) what has been such a large part of my life for such a long time. I have made so many amazing friends, associates, business connections and more through this journey that all began when my son was an infant. I have proudly watched the allergy-friendly food industry grow to help our community. I proudly fought for all of our allergic families during the EpiPen crisis. But now my son is an adult, doing his own thing and my life is just not that life anymore. I will always support the food allergy community just on a less active scale. My social media pages will remain and I will be as active as I can but the information may be focused on other things. It's not good bye Nutrimom it's just Nutrimom seeking Nutrimom 2.0 to see what my next passion is.

Life After Nutrimom I no longer have Nutrimom as a business, I no longer offer food allergy consultations but I am ALWAYS open to business partnerships and paid opportunities. I welcome anything in the area of writing, recipes, photos and more as I this has been a large part of what has always driven me, even as a young child. I welcome working for an organization that will allow me to help others in some capacity while helping me find a new mission as well. I am trusting that the Universe will bring me where I am supposed to be when I am supposed to be there.

(Maybe) I'm having a mid-life crisis? If so, then I accept the challenge and all that comes with it. I thought I was being selfish for awhile until I realized that being selfish is a form of self care, self love and self preservation. We are taught as a society that self care portrays as us being uncaring. What I have finally learned is that we must take care of ourselves first before we can take care of others. I actually wrote an article back in 2012 (I wish I had listened to myself way back then!)... "This is your world, your life and you need to live in it and be a part of it, not just go through it. Take care of yourself and love yourself."

I am relearning who I am and what is important to me and realizing that I am the best version of me yet.

I may not be involved in what I was before but life now is pretty darn amazing. Both NutriKids are grown up, I have learned to be ok with myself. I worry less about what others think of me. I met an amazing man and have fallen madly, passionately, deeply in love. I stop to take photos for me because I love life right now- can you say that as well? I have learned that you have to do it now, see it now, feel/hear/smell it ALL now because life is so very short. All or nothing going forward.

With this, I end by saying Nutrimom is not gone I am just fluttering through life finding the next place to be. I appreciate each and every one of you who have been with me since the beginning and those who just found me by chance. Check in with me, ask me if you need something (still willing to see if I can help) but most of all make sure you are feeling absolutely happy and blessed. 

Living the second half of my life in love and light ~



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