Good Hope Bakery Review

Hold on just a freaking minute.... how have I not shared a product review since November 2020?!! Gosh, COVID just really changed a lot. Hopefully, this will not be the case going forward. As I momentarily squirreled when I should be devoting this space to Good Hope Bakery - let's talk about what they sent me and how it went. As always, there is no compensation for product reviews other than free product sent as my opinions are always my own.

Who & What:
First, a little bit about the company. Good Hope Bakery makes yummies that are Celiac friendly i
n a dedicated gluten free facility, using certified gluten free oat flour. They use minimal ingredients that can all be easily pronounced (aka no crappy processed stuff) and their products can be frozen up to six months to ensure that you always have some kind of treat for your sweet tooth. They are also a nut free facility (no nuts used in the products and no nuts coming into the facility). When I inquired, I was told that the brownies are processed on the same equipment as the cookies that contain butter so there is a chance of cross contamination. Please make sure you visit their site to ensure you are comfortable with your order and your allergy needs.      

Ummm, of Course the Brownie First! Because, chocolate (insert heart eyes emoji with a bit of drool on the mouth). I mean, some people don't like chocolate but can we all just agree those are not the people that you want to hang out with.  And what a better way to begin my product review than to sip some tea and nosh on a brownie- not quite cake for breakfast but pretty darn close. Their brownies are a bit crunchy on the outside while still moist on the inside with decadent
chocolate chunks (why yes, I would like some chocolate with my chocolate). Coming in at about 4 inches long, this brownie is more than just a snack. You can share it (ummmm, nah), you can save some for later (perhaps) or you can eat the entire thing at once. I personally saved some of it for later. Nothing is worse than ruining a good treat by eating too much of it. Honestly, I would not label this as a brownie- maybe a brownie cake due to the generous portion size. Ingredients are granulated sugar, certified gluten free oat flour, dairy free chocolate chips, eggs, canola oil, cocoa, water, vanilla extract, salt, baking powder and soy lecithin. Contains eggs.

Chocolate Chip (MORE chocolate, heck yeah!) After a day in the garden, I needed a little snacky snack.. not that you really need an excuse but it makes me feel justified. I could have tried one of the other products but that Chocolate Chip cookie was just calling my name. Off came the boots, airing out my toes and sitting in the sun munching on my cookie was perfect! Admittedly, I sat on the back deck to avoid anyone else asking for the first bite (just for reference, I always have the first bite for product reviews but it's more of a wanting to enjoy the initial experience without anyone else watching me). Again- the size of the cookie was more than acceptable and I appreciate their healthy portions as most gluten free products tend to be a bit pricey and very small. They are crunchy and have large chips but I would nudge them to consider adding a bit more of the chocolate chips. OR, perhaps, offer a second variety of "mega chocolate"? Just a thought. Still a very scrumptious treat and when you give a girl a cookie, she becomes very quiet and happy. Ingredients include certified gluten free oat flour, chocolate chips, unsalted butter, granulated sugar, brown sugar, eggs, molasses, water, vanilla extract, salt and baking soda. Contains milk, eggs, soy lecithin (chocolate chips).

Indoor S'mores!
I recently moved to Ohio and am still adjusting to the weird weather... it's sunny and amazing one minute, then cloudy with a chance of tornado the next. So why not use the time to grab a fuzzy blanket and see what the S'mores cookie tastes like. First off, this cookie legit tastes like a s'mores treat- it has a good ratio of marshmallow and chocolate. With a texture of crumbly but not dry (wouldn't be a s'mores if it wasn't) I felt like I had been handed a comforting treat from the time of year where campfires and cold are made better with a fun treat. My daughter mentioned heating the cookie up for a few seconds.... yes, it makes it just a bit more satisfying :) Not that I would save this Good Hope
Bakery item for just inside but it is definitely a fuzzy blanket forward cookie. Ingredients include certified gluten free oat flour, chocolate chips, unsalted butter, granulated sugar, candies, marshmallows, eggs, brown sugar, honey, water, vanilla extract, baking soda, salt and baking powder. Contains milk, eggs. 

(Snickering) NOT Snickering Last but not least I got to taste their Snickerdoodle cookie. I am not sure about the rest of you but I feel like childhood memories consist of this cookie. This also large cookie was light and buttery with a hint of that childhood favorite. Like the others, crunchy on the outside but it breaks apart very easily. No dryness, just a good texture and a good cookie overall. Although I love the whole experience of cinnamon and sugar, what I also don't like is too much of it on my cookies (if you are unsure of what I mean, please reread my comments under the Brownie). For those of you who just need a no nonsense cookie (no chocolate, no candy, no marshmallows) this is the cookie for you. And can I just say, it's also very purse/car/travel worthy for that easy to bring 3PM craving time. Just beware- if you are picky about car crumbs, you definitely want to open and/or eat this with the package around it for a built-in crumb catcher or reserve it for outside of car time. Not a negative at all, just sharing food tips. I mean, a good cookie is still a good cookie, even if there is a chance of crumb shrapnel. Ingredients include certified gluten free oat flour, granulated sugar, unsalted butter, eggs, water, vanilla extract, cream of tartar, baking soda, cinnamon and salt. Contains milk, eggs.

The Final Test My husband, Sean is supportive of everything that I do but when it comes to gluten free, he feels that most products don't taste as good. However, when I had completed the Snickerdoodle tasting and photos, he asked to have a bite. Then a bite turned into another bit.... and eventually into "I may of may not have finished the rest of the Snickerdoodle cookie). I definitely take that as an approved treats for all  sign! 

Many thanks to Good Hope Bakery for asking me to try their items and for being so patient with me while I took a bit too long to get my review posted (sorry- there was an eclipse, a proposal, Easter and also a wedding, phew!). Want to give them a try too? You can get to Good Hope Bakery at , Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and good, old email. A gentle reminder that if you enjoy their treats, be kind and leave them a Google review (this is such an easy but nice thing to do for businesses). Enough reading- go get some of their items NOW and remember: clear packaging = no calorie content (which means it doesn't count for guilt!)